Full Movement Demo of Wubuquan


Preliminary Movement


Body is upright, feet are close together,arms hang down naturally,palms are lightly attached to the outside of your thighs,you are looking forward with focused mind.


Hands Fist, Both Feet together 


Movement essentials:turn hands into fists, bend elbows and hold them on your waist,fists facing up,and look to the left ( Figure 1).


Possible mistakes as beginners: Skewed left and right.


Correction: the companion helps correct the movement. 




2.Punch Fist with Gongbu ( Lunge ) on left leg


Movement essentials: make a left lunge by taking a step with your left foot. At the same time, left hand flattened to the left and retracted to waist, and to make a fist meanwhile right hand punch fist with the palm facing down, eyes looking forward. (Figure 2)


Possible mistakes: the left hand fist is inconsistent with the right hand fist.  


Correction: repeat and practise from slowly to fast again and again.





3. Right leg kicking with a left hand fist punch
Movement essentials: right leg pops forward, feet slightly higher than waist, punches left fist meanwhile right fist retracts towards waist, straight chest with your waist tighten, eyes looking forward.
Mistakes as beginners: leg kicking movement is inconsistent with hand fist punch. 
Correction: practise from time to time by breaking- down the movements.             



4. Mabu Jogging


Movement essentials:Land on the right foot,then turn body 90° to the left. Squatting two legs in the shape of a horse meanwhile the left hand fist becomes palm, the left arm is bent and the right fist runs straightly from the waist to the right in the shape of flat fist.Eyes look at the right side(Figure 4).


Easy to make mistakes: The shape of the two legs is not accurate.


Correction: twist waist and punch fist in the shape of horse.




5. Xiebu Fighting


Movement essentials: Insert a step of left foot backwards to right foot meanwhile the right fist turns into the shape of palm and falls downward to the left from head. Turn your body to the left 90°. Kneeling down both legs in the shape of Xiebu meanwhile the left fist punches forward into a flat fist, and the right palm changes into fist, then quickly retracts right fist on the waist. Eyes looks towards the left fist direction ( Figure 5).


Mistakes as beginners: unbalanced landing on the both legs of Xiebu.


Correction: to make the shape of Xiebu on legs after the balance is ready of the backwards between the left leg and the right leg. Repeat the movement from slow to fast again and again. 




6. Pubu Chuanzhang


One leg is in the shape of Pubu meanwhile hands palms are soaring upward simultaneously


Movement explanation: both two legs stand up, turns body towards left, left fist becomes into palm facing downwards, and right hand changes into palm, then pass through left hand meanwhile lifts left leg after bending knees,then quickly lands into the shape of Pubu. At the same time, left hand palm fingers point towards forward, then pass the left palm to the left foot surface from the internal side of the left leg.


Mistake as beginners : movements are incoherent between knee lifting and soaring palm with Pubu.


Correction: practising movement from slow to fast again and again. 






7.Xubu Tiaozhang


Movement explanation: move forward your right leg and right foot as the picture shows, left arm arced into a straight arm with left fingers are in the shape of hook,and the hook top is slightly higher than shoulder, then make your right hand from back to down forward along the outside of the right leg upward by putting your right hand in the shape of palm( Figure 8 ).


Possible mistakes as a green hand: figure on foot movement is not correct. For instance, one foot is landing on ground whereas the other one is not fully landed. The above-mentioned differences between feet movement are not obvious.  


Correction: to make sure the foot of the forward leg is not landed whereas the other one is absolutely landed.





8. Make both hands a fist and be sure of feet standing in parallel. 


Movement essentials: move the center of body gravity forward and turn body 90°to the left, then make left foot close to right leg in parallel, and body straightly stand up, meanwhile turn your hands into palms to put on waist of both side simultaneously. Eyes look at the left front. ( Figure 9). 











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