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Global Kungfu News On January 18, 2020, a charity fundraising event was held in Phuket, Thailand. This event was initiated by One World One Home International Tourism Real Estate Company. The leaders attending the event were: Phuket Deputy House Yin Phichet Panuphong, Phuket Deputy House Yin Wikrom Jarktee, Phuket Deputy House Yin Piyaphong Choowong, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Thailand-China Friendship Envoy, Chairman of China Private Economic International Cooperation Chamber of Commerce, the 9th and 10th Special Invited Vice Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association and President of International Kung Fu Federation( IKFF ), Mr.Fu Biao,Wandee Woonsiw, Chairman of the Phuket Red Cross, Police Chief Peerachart Pomboonmee, Police Supervisor Cherngtalay, Tarong County Mayor Suwit Suriyawoong, and Thai Kung Fu Federation Chairman Li Yuzhong, Guo Yugui, Chairman of One Ball, One Village International Tourism Real Estate Company, Zhang Bin, Executive Director, and caring people from all walks of life.







One World One Home International Tourism Real Estate Company donated 5,888 bags of rice on the spot. Fu Biao donated the "Martial Arts Kung Fu Teaching Material" edited by himself, and Fu Biao's own calligraphy-"Kung Fu" and "Buddha". He said that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the number of tourists from various countries arriving in Thailand has dropped sharply. In particular, Phuket residents who rely on tourism for their living and economic support, in the absence of tourism income, the unemployment rate of local people has suddenly increased; China and Thailand is a good neighbor and friend. During the Wuhan epidemic last year, the Thai people provided timely assistance. As an ambassador for Thailand-China friendship, we should take action at this time and call on more knowledgeable people with a sense of social responsibility and a spirit of internationalism. Scholars devote love and work together to defeat the virus; provide material assistance and share culturally-I hope that more Thai people will practice Chinese Kungfu, strengthen resistance, stimulate immunity, and release health and vitality.
























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