Connotation of Martial Arts Holding Fist Salute

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A seemingly simple holding fist ceremony, in fact, it advocates a lot of cultural connotations-the martial sentiment of virtue and art, the interpersonal relationship that values harmony, and the practice purpose of advocating culture and martial arts......

Wushu people meet each other and hold fist. For individual martial arts performances and two-person exercises (before and after the end), the seniors, referees, colleagues, and spectators should first hold their fists to show that they are standard, respectful, ask for advice, and inherit.

On the arena, the two sides respect each other holding fists and salute each other, which is regarded as " firstly showing salute with courtesy and then follows the real martial action/movement when it is neccessary as the Chinese old saying goes " xian li hou bing ".



Those who practice martial arts must learn to hold fist in the first class.



Fist holding ceremony requirements: stand side by side, stretch out the four fingers of your left hand, stretch back together, and buckle your thumb into a palm; curl the five fingers of your right hand tightly, press the thumb on the second knuckle of your index finger and middle finger to make a fist. Hold the left palm and right fist in front of the chest, with both arms rounded, and the distance between the fist, palm and chest is 20-30 cm.






Holding a fist is not only a simple action, but also contains the philosophical and practical significance of both Kungfu and education.



To sum up: Wen (文)and Wu (武)are indispensable as the sky, the sun and the moon, the two wheels of a car, and the wings of an eagle. 



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