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To strengthen martial arts training and improve people's physical and psychological qualities, one will have a healthy body and a strong will to fight mentally, and one can completely overcome all the difficulties, dangers and diseases that suddenly hit.  -(Fu Biao)

The most powerful and inexhaustible motive force of a great nation is the spirit-the spirit of hard work, the spirit of being kind to others, the spirit of dedication, the spirit of pioneering and innovation, the spirit of selfless struggle, the spirit of going forward bravely, the spirit of helping others, the spirit of seeking truth from facts!  -(Fu Biao)

By practicing morning yang exercises, one can improve one's "seven attendance" abilities: brain attendance, eye attendance, nose attendance, mouth attendance, ear attendance, hand attendance and leg attendance.  -(Fu Biao)

Be diligent in thinking, thinking and exercising your brain.  The eye is diligent, the eye observes six roads, the eye observes the movement of things;  Nose frequently, smell frequently, exercise keen sense of smell, sense peripheral problems; Keep your mouth open, move your mouth frequently, ask for advice modestly, and ask if you don't understand.  Hearing frequently, listening attentively, listening in all directions, and understanding human feelings.  Hand in hand, will not leave the hand, more hands to operate, overcome difficulties and solve problems;  Legs frequently, do anything, run fast is the foundation of winning, the brave should lead.  Martial arts practitioners promote the ability of "seven diligence" to drive people's subjective initiative, promote the healthy development and growth of the human body, cultivate the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation-"benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, faith, kindness and love", and make Chinese excellent traditional culture go global and become a culture loved by people all over the world.           
Fu Biao Demonstrates " Wo Long Morning Yang Gong" Complete Set of Exercises


The Shaolin Book of Changes, the Wo Long Morning Yang Skill (abbreviated as Chen Yang Skill), was compiled and practiced by Mr. Fu Biao himself.  This method takes the word "morning sun" and "as the name implies" is the method of morning exercises when the rising sun rises in the morning.  After practice, you will feel refreshed, relaxed and refreshed, full of passion and vitality in your work and life throughout the day.  The exercise is simple in movement, easy to remember and learn, suitable for different groups of men, women, old and young, and is not limited by venues, time and environment, and can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

Morning yang exercise, including upper limbs, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks and lower limbs, helps to soften muscles, strengthen bones, nourish qi and strengthen strength, and makes whole body limbs more flexible and flexible. Its specific functions include edifying sentiment, tempering will, strengthening physique, preventing and treating diseases, exercising muscles, losing weight, delaying aging, etc.  Especially for obese people, practicing for three months will obviously have the effects of losing weight, strengthening strength and boosting vitality.  At the same time, for patients suffering from prostate diseases and discomfort of waist, legs, knees and neck, the body can be obviously improved by practicing morning yang exercise.

The morning yang exercise includes four sit-ups training methods, each of which is helpful for abdominal muscles, but with different emphases: stretching sit-ups can effectively stretch the muscles and bones of the whole body; Sit-ups with straight legs can effectively exercise iliopsoas muscles.  Leg bending sit-ups, mainly exercise groin; Bend your knees (half-up) sit-ups to exercise your abdominal muscles.  In the process of practice, each action is divided into three groups, each group is separated by 1 ~ 2 minutes.  Beginners should do 8 ~ 16 in each group, practice for more than 3 months, and each group can be increased to 16 ~ 30 in one group.  Beginners need to go step by step.  The exact number varies from person to person.


Human beings have three kinds of power, that is, thought, culture and spirit.  Martial arts is a combination of thought and body language, art and aesthetics, strength and skill, and a movement to develop the coordinated development of human brain and body.  It is a science and technology that boosts the spiritual will of all mankind.  The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate a nation's thoughts.  The revival of martial arts can boost a country's national spirit.  An ideological nation is one with ideals, goals and hopes.  A nation with spirit will make this country stronger and stronger.  We martial arts practitioners should constantly improve our ideological concept, cultural accomplishment, spiritual realm and martial arts skills, so as to sublimate everyone's social responsibility, social influence, social popularity, social values, social image, social status and personality charm.  A thousand beautiful words are not as good as one action.  We should use practical actions to promote the development of martial arts, and finally achieve the goal of winning the world with the charm of martial arts, so that people all over the world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by martial arts.  -(Fu Biao) Keeping fit at home and fighting "epidemic" for all.  Let's move together to be martial, healthy and happy.  Practice the morning yang exercise, so that you will be strong and energetic.  This achievement method needs to be continuously enriched, innovated and perfected in the process of creation and compilation. Please correct the deficiencies.


The full set of movements is demonstrated as follows:


The first type: lying down-stretching sit-ups


Main points of action: lie flat, arms and legs straight, upper limbs and trunk slowly sitting up (movements kept) close to the legs.  Training forefathers' bones and muscles are curled up. Stretching sit-ups imitate "cat stretching" to effectively stretch the whole body bones and muscles.


Fitness Effect: Strengthen calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius).



The second type: lying down-lifting knees and springing legs


Main points of action: lie on your back, stretch your arms to the ground, bend your knees and bounce your legs-take your thighs with your legs, concentrate your strength on your feet, make a sudden and quick attack, stretch and bend quickly, and bounce like bullets.


Fitness Effect: Strengthen calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius).

The third type: lying down-cross kicking

Main points of action: lie flat, stretch your arms to the ground, tighten your toes, kick your left and right legs in series, and cooperate with breathing.  Lower back and lower back should not be too upward to avoid pressure on lumbar spine.



Fitness Effect: Stretch ligaments and exercise leg muscles.




 The 4th type: sitting position-body flexion


Main points of action: keep your feet together, straighten your knee joint, relax your waist and back, cooperate with arm movements, and do body flexion exercises.


Fitness Effect: Stretch the trunk, waist, hip and other joints to improve the extensiveness and elasticity of joints, ligaments and muscles in these parts.



The 5th type: lying down-double legs


Main points of action: lie flat with your legs together and your toes straight so that your body is in a straight line perpendicular to the ground.  Eyes looking up, shoulders relaxed, do not let the trapezius muscle take part in the exercise, then inhale deeply, when exhaling, abdomen is tightened, legs straight, lift to the front of the body-pay attention to the legs themselves not to exert force, keep the muscles tightened.  Keep your legs together all the time, don't separate them, then use your abs again and practice repeatedly.


Fitness Effect: Improve abdominal strength and deepen the separation of abdominal muscle lines.



The sixth type: lying down-double leg lifts


Main points of action: lie flat, lift your head with your shoulders, lift your legs together, draw your hands forward and down, stop at the waist position, and stretch your toes.  Attention should be paid to the need to be calm before and after doing high leg lifts, to keep relaxed and breathe naturally, not to hold your breath, and to rely on waist strength and abdomen strength to support the force on the lower half of the body.  This can promote liver detoxification and kidney detoxification. During high leg lifts, blood will quickly flow back to the liver and kidney to detoxify and detoxify again.


Fitness Effect: Improve Sleep and Physical Fitness.  It is beneficial to dyspepsia, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, etc.



Type 7: Lie Down-Sit-Up with Straight Legs


Main points of action: lie flat, keep head and trunk straight, and legs straight knee.  During the exercise, keep the abdominal muscles continuously contracting so as to exercise the iliopsoas muscles.


Fitness effect: exercise iliopsoas muscle and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.



Type 8: Lie Down-Leg Bend Sit-ups


Main points of action: lie on your back and keep your head and torso straight.  Bend your legs when rolling forward, inhale and exhale when falling back.  Keep the abdominal muscles continuously contracting during the movement, so as to exercise the transverse abdominal muscles.  Be careful not to cross your hands behind your neck, otherwise you will easily pull your neck (cervical spine) and cause discomfort, which will also reduce the workload of your abdominal muscles.  Hold an empty fist in your hands and put it beside your ears.


Fitness effect: exercise groin and lower abdomen excrescence, promote gastrointestinal movement.



Type 9: Lie down-Bend your knees (half-up) sit-ups


Main points of action: lie on your back and keep your head and torso straight.  Bend your legs when your upper torso rolls forward, inhale and exhale when you fall back.  Pay attention to the body rolling forward in a half-up state (the body should not roll forward too much) so as to exercise abdominal muscles in a targeted manner.


Fitness Effect: Targeted Abdominal Muscle Training.



Type 10: Lie Down-Double Beat Feet


Main points of action: lie flat, arms straight forward, legs stretched straight backward, inhale to tighten abdomen, arms and legs lifted up off the ground at the same time, stretch abdominal muscles and vertical muscles, and pat feet with both hands.


Fitness Effect: Exercises waist strength and strengthens abdominal muscles.



Type 11: Lie Down-Mountaineering Vehicle


Main points of action: lie on your back with your arms on your head, your arms open, and your legs pedaling in the air.


Fitness effect: thin legs, thin buttocks, thin abdomen, strengthen waist and leg strength.



Type 12: Lie Down-Vertical Split


Main points of action: lie flat, legs straight up and down, toes stretched straight, legs pulled up in rapid rotation, arms naturally placed on both sides of the body.



Fitness Effect: Enhance the extensiveness and elasticity of thigh ligaments and muscles.



The 13th type: lying down-cross splits


Main points of action: lie on your back with your hands on the heels of your legs. slowly separate your legs to form a line.  In training, we should proceed step by step.  Warm-up activities should be fully done before training to increase muscle temperature and avoid muscle and ligament strain.


Fitness Effect: Enhance the stretching ability of ligaments and muscles.



Type 14: Two-handed Support-Hip Bridge


Main points of action: lie flat with your hands and legs propped up to lift your buttocks.  The distance between two feet is the same as (or slightly wider than) the shoulder.  When lifting the trunk, use the buttocks to exert force.



Fitness Effect: Strengthen the gluteal muscles, extend the spine, tighten the abdominal lines, extend the back thigh muscles, and improve the forward inclination of pelvis.



Type 15: Lie Down-Iron slab bridge


Main points of action: lie flat, legs together, toes straight, anus raised, kidney contracted, buttocks exerting force, lower abdomen pushing up.



Fitness effect: strong waist and back, strong kidney and strong body.



Type 16: Lie Down-Push-ups


Main points of action: prone position-when doing push-ups, your body must keep a straight line from shoulder to ankle, at the same time, your arms should be placed at the position of your chest, and the distance between your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders, so as to ensure that each action can exercise triceps brachii more effectively.



Fitness effect: Wide-distance push-ups mainly exercise the lateral pectoral major and develop deltoid anterior bundle and triceps brachii.  Middle distance push-ups are slightly larger than shoulder width, mainly exercise the middle part of pectoral major muscle (increase thickness), and develop deltoid anterior bundle and triceps brachii.  Narrow distance push-ups are smaller than shoulder width, mainly exercise deltoid anterior bundle and triceps brachii, and develop medial pectoral major muscle (pectoral sulcus).



Type 17: prone-double swallow


Key points of action: face down, arms and legs raised vigorously, shoulders raised backward and upward (shoulder blades contracted).  At the same time, the feet are raised and the muscles at the bottom of the waist contract, allowing the ribs and abdomen to support the body as much as possible.



Fitness effect: recuperate lumbar vertebra, cervical vertebra and lumbar intervertebral disc.



Type 18: Holding Legs-Snowball



Action points: lie on your back, bend your legs to your chest, hold your legs in your arms, hold your body round, roll back and forth naturally, relax your tense muscles, slow down your over-rapid pulse gradually, and restore calm to your excited mood.


Fitness effect: muscle relaxation, rest and recuperation training.



The 19th type: lying down-horizontal and vertical fork


Main points of action: lie flat, get up and cross, form a "one" shape, lean forward, stretch your hands on the ground;  Move up continuously, turn the crotch and change the right vertical fork to do stretching movement to form a "1" shape.  The exercise method of the left vertical fork is the same (practice "lying down-horizontal fork" on the beach, aiming to remind everyone to practice whenever and wherever they see it).



Fitness Effect: Open Span.  Stretch the ligament of the leg.



Chen Yanggong of Wo Long (Editorial Committee)


Editorial Committee: Fu Biao, Zhang Yong, Qin Yanbo, Zhu Xiaojun, Xiang Hui, Wei Fawen, Zhou Xufang, Han Feng, Li Youjun, Zhu Xiaoyan, Zhao Zhengyun, Wang Junlong, Xu Xichang, Li Yan, Liu Chuanzhi, Ji Maifeng, Yun Lu.

Editor-in-Chief: Fu Biao

Executive Editor: Han Feng

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