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Global Kung Fu Website , January 24th , 2020 will be the Eve of Chinese New Year according to the local lunar calender. At the special time, the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, president of the International Cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce in the Private Economy, the 9th and 10th Session Invited Vice President of Chinese Wushu Association and the President of IKFF, Master Fu Biao, on behalf of IKFF, presents his New Year Greetings through Global Kung Fu Website (www.qqgfw.com), Global Entrepreneurship Website (www.qqcy.com), Global TV(www.gtvs.net )and the website of ( IKFF ) ( www.ikffm.com ). Full contents as follows in below:

According to Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals , the year 2020 belongs to mouse/rat, we Chinese calls it Gengzi Year, which is full of hope, romance and energy. I am here, on behalf of IKFF, in Beijing to address the sincere wishes and greetings towards those Martial Arts friends and supporters who keeps working hard to promote and popularize Martial Arts culture, to enhance thinking , influence and action.

2020 marks the beginning of a new year and era. We shall continue to implement the development outline of IKFF in the following five years. The following five year developing plans and outlines are as follows : 1.Adhere to the "Ideological, Cultural, and Spiritual System" as the developing outline; 2. Development Member States, improve and perfect the leading organizations of each Member State; 3. Establish and improve the Kung Fu Special Committees of various schools; 4. Establish training bases for each Member State and vigorously promote the Kung Fu Fighting ; 5. Implement the rank system ( Duanwei ) ( globally ) and success Co-existing mechanism of traditional (civilization); 6. Continue to promote the Spark Program to popularize Kung Fu culture in developing countries; 7. Organize competitions and facilitate communications ; 8. To achieve the goal of opening the world through the charm of Martial Arts . As an opportunity, Chinese Kung Fu Culture Center has eight functional sections as follows: Wushu Taolu Performance Demo Hall, Chinese Language Teaching Functional Area, Chinese Calligraphy , Costume Weapon, Tea Art Culture, Traditional Chinese Medical Culture, and Chinese Folk Music Functional Area. We continue to launch a new chapter along the Silk Road of Martial Arts, and facilitate the Belt and Road Initiatives, strengthen the promoting of Martial Arts overseas. Our efforts and actions reflected Chinese wisdom, standards and solutions. Hopefully, the Kung Fu Confederations of all countries will do a good job with ideology, culture, and spirit as action indicators. Hopefully, all the affiliated member states of IKFF will follow the essence of the ideology, culture, and spirit as guidance. The 9th International Marital Arts Cultural Exchange Conference as well as the 8th World Kung Fu Championship 2020 will be held in India, which is well known as the peacock hometown, the ancient Mauryan Dynasty. Besides, the Kung Fu Fighting Heroes Combat will again be organized in 2020 by all efforts so that more brave and high level Sportsmen / Sanda Fighters will be improved in skills and confidence.

Looking back on 2019, IKFF positively followed the call of Belt and Road Initiatives to facilitate Martial Arts development worldwide. IKFF sponsored and organized the Belt & Road International Kung Fu Training Camp of 58 Countries. Sportsman and participants as well as guests were from the United States, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ukraine, Egypt, Pakistan, Armenia, the UAE, Brazil, Spain etc.. In terms of Innovation & development, the dozens of 70 years old famous Chinese Martial Artists are written on the Global Kungfu Magazine. Their Marital Arts Skills Video Demo were put on Kung Fu Martial Arts Wechat APP, which is popular way of online demonstration of Martial Arts Tournament. Apart form that, the New Era Private Education ( Shanghai ) Innovation & Development Seminar was successfully organized & sponsored by Shanghai Shaolin Wushu School. A number of international dialogues with notable celebrities from various countries as follows former President of Germany Mr. Wulff, former President of Cyprus Mr. Vasiliu, Costa Rica Former President Mr. Rodriguez, Former Prime Minister of Malta, Mr. Lawrence, Former President of Ukraine, Mr. Yushchenko, Former President of Uruguay, Mr. Lacalle, Former President of Mexico, Mr. Calderón, Former President of Slovenia, Mr. Turk, Former Prime Minister of Ecuador Mr. Reia, the former President of Bolivia, Mr. Ramirez, and the former President of Mali, Mr. Musamara. Move over, new initiative called as Cultivate Martial Arts by promoting trade and business are lunched by the think tank team of IKFF. For instance, One World, One Village Wushu Culture Company Limited founded in Beijing, International Tourism Real Estate In Phuket of Thailand is putting into global market, One World One Village Trade Company of KungFu Culture in Russia. By doing so, Martial Arts can be popularized out of China and at the same time, plays the important role of cultural platform for aiding those people from other countries to join China.

Wushu originated from China but belongs to the world. Chinese Martial Arts is profound with a long history. It conveys a spirit of self-reliance, progress and peace. Napoleon once said that human beings have two kinds of power, sword and thought. But the sword is often defeated by thought. Make sure the perfect combination of spirit civilization and physical strength, said Chairman Mao Zedong. I have summed up that human beings have three forces, namely, thought, culture and spirit. Wushu has originated from China but belongs to the world! It belongs to sports but is superior to sports! Martial Arts is the identity of thought and body language.It is an integration of art and aesthetics, strength and mastery! Wushu is a kind of skill that helps a person develop the coordination and action between the brain and body. By increasing the level of the state culture, the high level of national thinking can be achieved. Thanks to Wushu it is possible to lift national spirit. A nation with deep thinking is the nation with dreams, goals and hopes. Only with national spirit can a country become stronger and stronger. Martial Art people should constantly upgrade their ideology & philosophy, culture accomplishments,spiritual realms and Kungfu skills so as to increase the social responsibility, influence, awareness, value, image and status as well as personal charisma. Thousands of gorgeous languages are not as good as one action. We shall use Martial Arts as a carrier to build a community of shared future for humanity. Use practical actions to promote the development of Martial Arts,so that people around the world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by Martial Arts. We need to take concrete actions to promote the vigorous development of the Wushu cause for the people of the world to enjoy the health and happiness brought by Martial Arts, and ultimately to open the world with the charm of Martial Arts. Be a person who is right and honest so as to keep going on the causes of developing Martial Arts with strong will. Wish you good health , good luck ! Happy New Year to you all! 

Mr. Fu Biao, President of IKFF 



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