The dance of dragon and elephant starts from cult




On January 13th , 2020, the ambassador of friendship of the United Nations, chairman of China Chamber of private economic international cooperation, specially invited vice chairman of the 10th Session of the 9th China martial arts association and chairman of the international Kungfu Federation Fu Biao visited the Taj Mahal with great interest accompanied by executive chairman of the Indian Kungfu Federation Gene.



The elegant Taj Mahal is a symbol of love and loyalty.



In the course of his visit, Fu Biao was deeply shocked by the magnificent, beautiful and refined architectural technology. Fu Biao said: China and India are both four ancient civilizations with a long history and culture. China has the Great Wall, India has the Taj Mahal; China has martial arts, India has Yoga; The dance of dragon and elephant together starts from culture. Cultural exchange is a dialogue and communication between the heart and the heart, and its influence will be more profound. There are many things we can learn from the cultures of the two countries. I'm here to promote the exchange of martial arts culture between China and India. Martial arts come from China and belong to the world. I have a deep feeling that Chinese martial arts are thriving in India. Chinese and Indian culture is enduring!






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