Fu Biao met with Minister of Kanpur city and chair




On January 12th , 2020, the ambassador of friendship of the United Nations, chairman of China Chamber of private economic international cooperation, specially invited vice chairman of the 10th Session of the 9th China martial arts association and chairman of the international Kungfu Federation Fu Biao met with Minister of Kanpur city, chairman of the Indian Kungfu Federation Mr. Sudhir Bode and executive chairman of the Indian Kungfu Federation Mr. Gene. Both sides agreed to stay in India in 2020 The 9th International Kungfu cultural exchange conference and the 8th Kungfu World Championship were held, and fruitful discussions were held.



Fu Biao said: this event will be held in India, and the international Kungfu Federation will give strong support in human, material, capital, technology and other aspects!



Fu Biao pointed out that in the process of promoting Chinese Wushu, India is expected to continue to carry out its work in accordance with the "eight development programs" formulated by the international Kungfu Federation: first, adhere to the "ideological, cultural and spiritual system" as the general development program; second, develop member states, improve and perfect the leading organizations of Member States; third, establish and improve the Kungfu special committees of all schools; fourth, establish Member States Training base, vigorously promote Kungfu fighting; fifth, implement the coexistence mechanism of Duan system and Chengji system; sixth, continue to promote Spark Program, boost the development of Kungfu culture in developing countries; seventh, organize competitions, increase the promotion and exchange efforts; eighth, achieve the grand goal of winning the world with the charm of Wushu. Taking the opportunity of "Chinese Kungfu culture center", it has eight functional areas: Kungfu Sanda, martial arts routine performance, Chinese teaching, Chinese calligraphy, clothing and weapons, tea art culture, traditional Chinese medicine culture and Chinese folk music, opening a new chapter of Chinese martial arts silk road. At the same time, the Indian Kungfu Federation should implement the new model of "cultivating military by business" as soon as possible and adjust measures to local conditions. Organize various activities internally, connect the whole industry chain of "martial arts +" externally, and expand the field of income generation. For example, organizing martial arts competitions, recommending cooperative projects, etc. We will form an interconnected and mutually beneficial cooperation model with Member States to provide each other with precise cooperation projects and achieve win results.


Fu Biao concluded: Napoleon once said that human beings have two kinds of power, sword and thought. But the sword is often defeated by thought. I have summed up that human beings have three forces, namely, thought, culture and spirit. Wushu originates from China and belongs to the world, belongs to sports and is higher than sports! Wushu is a combination of thought and body language, art and aesthetics, strength and skill, a sport of developing human brain and body to coordinate each other, and a science and technology to boost the spirit and will of mankind. The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate a nation's thought; the revitalization of Wushu can boost a country's national spirit. A nation with ideas is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a nation with spirit will make this country more and more powerful! A thousand gorgeous words are not as good as one action. We should actively respond to the call of "one belt and one road". We should use martial arts as a platform and play the role of economy in order to promote the flourishing development of martial arts in India by practicing martial arts industrialization, marketisation and globalization, so that the people of India can enjoy the health and happiness brought by Wushu.



Sudhir Bode highly appreciates Fu Biao's spirit of promoting Chinese martial arts. He said that he would strongly support the competition and the development and promotion of martial arts in India.



At the end of the meeting, Fu Biao gave Sudhir Bode his calligraphy Kung Fu and both sides took a photo!




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