Opening ceremony of “One world One village” mar




On January 2nd , 2020, the opening ceremony of “One world One village” martial arts Sanda gym was held on the second floor of Piaoliang square in Beijing Asian Games Village.



Mr. Lü Fengding, former deputy director of the office of the leading group for foreign affairs of the CPC Central Committee, former ambassador of China to Sweden, Mr. Gao Xiaojun, former director of the military management center of the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China and chairman of the China Armed Forces Association, general Fu Yuchun, former vice president of the Air Force Command College and consultant of the glorious tradition Research Association of Beijing Anti Japanese university, Ms. Wu Hong, initiator and planner of the leading group for filial piety, Ambassador of friendship of the United Nations and China Mr. Fu Biao, chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce for private economic cooperation, special vice chairman of the 9th and 10th China Martial Arts Association, chairman of the international Kungfu Federation, President and general coach of Beijing Shaolin martial arts school, Mr. Bian Jingzhu, President of the Korea and China Friendship Association, Mr. Zhang Xiaohu, director of Beijing Youth Science and technology center, Ms. Qiu Fuxian, chairman of Beijing Gaoce Investment Co., Ltd., former Aerospace Engineering University Mr. Zhang Yong, political commissar of sergeant school and executive president of Beijing Shaolin martial arts school, Mr. Zhang Lüqing, executive vice president of China youth entrepreneur community, Mr. Zhang Lifeng, director of China Chamber of private economy international cooperation, Mr. Guangtao, chairman of Beijing Sunshine City property management, Mr. Huang Cheng, Deputy Secretary General of the Research Institute of state policy think tank, chairman of Beijing Sichuang Tongda Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Yaodong, vice president of international Kungfu Federation and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Fu Biao attended and delivered a passionate speech!














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