Resume of Master Fu Biao


Mr. Fu Biao, also named as Fu Xingzhong, with a Master’s degree, born in kai county of Chongqing, is by now the UN Goodwill Ambassador, the president of the International Chamber of Commerce in Private Economy, the 9th and 10th Invited Vice President of Chinese Wushu Association, President of International Kung Fu Federation(IKFF), President and CEO of the International Kung Fu Group. Its subordinates are as follows: Global TV, Global Kungfu Net, Global Entrepreneurship Net, Global Kungfu Magazine, Beijing Shaolin Wushu School, No.1 branch of Beijing Shaolin Wushu School , branch school in Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Shan`xi, Hainan, Hebei of China and other overseas branch schools such as America, Russia, U.K., Malaysia, etc., and the Chief of Beijing Anti-Japanese Political and Military Academy of the Honorary Association.


He is so energetic and enthusiastic about social affairs that he has served successfully as Member of Beijing Youth Federation Committee,Chairman of Beijing Vocational Sports Association, Beijing Anti-Japanese Political and Military University Chairman of the Research Board, Vice president of Beijing Primary and Secondary schools Sports Association, Member of political consultative Conference in Changping District, vice president of Youth Educational Federation as well as Poetry Association in Changping District, Vice Chairman of Changping District Calligrapher’s Association and so on.


So far, he has won numerous prizes and titles of honor, including the honor of the 5th One Hundred Excellent Figures in China’s Reform, the 6th Top Ten outstanding person in China’s Reform, the 5th Chinese Era Ten Influential Personnel. The Star of Reform for the 30 Years,30 Persons. Leaders Influencing China’s Reform, the 8th Ten Innovation Person in China’s Reform, Harmonious China 2009 Top Ten Influential Personnel, awarded the honorary nomination for the 6th Beijing Ten Outstanding Youth, Beijing Excellent Educator Honor, one of the Top Ten Excellent Youths in Changping district, etc. Fu Biao has compiled several books such as Teaching Materials of Beijing Shaolin Wushu School compacted discs of Practical Taolu Exercise of Beijing Shaolin Wushu School’’,the album Chinese Kungfu. He masterminded and organized scenic dramas The Monkey King Havocs in Heaven and The 5,000-year History of China -Chinese Kungfu and etc.


Fu Biao has organized many tournaments in person such as Yun Mengxia, Kungfu Sanda among China, Russia and Ukraine, Beijing International Wushu and Cultural Exchange Conference as well as Beijing World Kungfu Championship KFF Kungfu Fighting,etc..Thanks to the support from Chinese Wushu Association and Beijing Sports Bureau, the previous five Championships have achieved a fruitful results. With the support of Russia Government, the 6th Tournament has a great success in Moscow and caused a big stir in the international society. Fu Biao has taken the honorable position of the executive president of the organizing committee for the past No.1 and No.2 tournaments. For the No3,No4,No.5Tournaments, he has taken the position of upgraded title that is President of the Organizing Committee, and the honorable title of president of the 6th Tournament.President of the 7th International Wushu Culture Tournament Organizing Committee, and the Honorary president of the 8th International Martial Arts Championship respectively.


Fu Biao was born in a literary family. Both of his father and grandfather are local well-known literary giant. Under the influence of his family, Fu Biao started schooling at 4. As a talented boy, he was familiar with the poems during both Tang and Song Dynasties and read plenty of classic works. Fu Biao started to learn Wushu at 9. His first coach is Wang Lishen, a famous Martial Artist in Anhui Province. Then he became a disciple of the abbot of Shaolin Temple. During his stay at the Shaolin Temple, Mr. Gu Youyi, the deceased famous Martial Artist, referee for International Martial Arts Tournament and the former editor-in-chief of “Shaolin and Taichi” also gave him advice and guidance on Martial Arts practicing. Then he went to China Wushu Academy for further education. Fu Biao is very gifted at Martial Arts and is reputed as the Prince of Iron Head.


Well-educated, Fu Biao has graduated from China Calligraphy University, Capital University of Economics and Business, and Peking University Institute of Marxism-Leninism as well as California University of U.S.A. He enjoys writing poems.As influenced by his Martial Arts background, his poems and calligraphy boast an air of majesty and virility, making him qualified for the title --- the Great Talent in Martial Arts and Calligraphy. Fu Biao has won prizes of calligraphy including middle age and youth group gold award of The 4th Splendid China Cup Chinese Art and Calligraphy Works Competition ,in which he was awarded the title of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Elite, and the painting & calligraphy group first prize of “ Returning Cup” Painting and Calligraphy Competition of Hong Kong International Martial Arts Festival. Calligraphy works like ‘ Wu ’ and ‘ Deity ’ were collected by Chinese Remarkable Contemporary Calligraphy Works.

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