Fu Biao met with Iraq presidential adviser and fam


Global Kung Fu News: on November 18th , 2019, Ambassador of friendship of the United Nations, chairman of China Chamber of private economic international cooperation, specially invited vice chairman of the 10th Session of the 9th China martial arts association and chairman of the International Kung Fu Federation Fu Biao met with Iraqi President's adviser and famous social activist Mr. Ihsan Ali Sulaiman Al-Bahar in Beijing.



Mr. Ihsan Ali Sulaiman Al-Bahar is a wise and healthy cultural scholar. He said that young people in Iraq like Chinese martial arts very much, but many young people can't find a place to study. He hoped to set up a Martial Arts Federation and a martial arts school in Iraq, so that more local martial arts fans can realize their dreams! "I like Chinese martial arts very much," Ethan stressed. I think Chinese Wushu is rooted in China's 5000 years of cultural development. " For example, he saw an Egyptian film in which the old man taught martial arts to children. The old man said that martial arts is not only a simple physical movement, but also a combination of thought and spirit. Spirit represents all languages. This is one of the reasons why martial arts are popular with people all over the world.



First of all, Fu Biao welcomes Mr. Ihsan Ali Sulaiman Al-Bahar. He said that the international Kungfu Federation actively promoted the globalization of Wushu and provided technical support to developed countries. At present, nearly 100 member countries have been developed to provide manpower, financial resources and material assistance to the less developed countries. The International Chamber of Commerce of China's private economy has been actively responding to the call of all roads and vigorously developing the private economy, because the private economy occupies half of China's economy. In order to develop Wushu culture, we must set up a platform for Wushu and perform economically. The promotion of Wushu culture and the promotion of private economy are complementary and go hand in hand. Deng Xiaoping, chief designer of China's reform and opening up, once pointed out that development is the absolute truth! We actively take the "one belt and one way" development express train, earnestly practise the "Silk Road" of Wushu culture and private economy. Thought and soul dominate all human actions. Only by improving the fit of soul can we promote the development of the cause and make the cause closer. Today in the development of martial arts culture, we must promote the progress of our own economy and martial arts cause, and promote the economic development of neighboring countries. In order to develop the cause of martial arts, we should not only vigorously promote it, but also actively innovate. We need a group of people who really like martial arts.



Fu Biao, President of the international Kungfu Federation, agreed to establish the Kungfu Federation in Iraq. He stressed that the Federation should develop flexibly and creatively in accordance with the eight development programs of the international Kungfu Federation. First, adhere to the "three systems of Ideological and cultural spirit" as the general development program, and use practical actions to promote the development of martial arts, so that people around the world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by martial arts; second, improve and perfect the leading organization of the Martial Arts Federation, and actively and efficiently carry out various work with a strong leading group; third, establish and improve the professional committee of all schools of martial arts, based on We should actively establish special committees of all schools based on the concept of inclusiveness, letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend. Fourthly, we should establish a training base for the Kung Fu Federation, vigorously promote the kung fu fighting, and play a solid foundation role in the promotion and development of Kung Fu fighting with good training environment and conditions. Fifthly, we should implement the coexistence mechanism of Duan system (internationalization) and Cheng system (traditional folk) To enhance the interest of Kung Fu fans through continuous promotion of honors, so that they can persist in learning and training until their success; sixthly, to launch Spark Program, cultural platform, economic performance, to boost the development of Kung Fu culture in developing countries, and strengthen the cultural exchange between China and Iraq; sixthly, to organize competitions, increase the promotion and exchange efforts, and constantly improve the martial arts competitive level of the Kung Fu Federation; Eight, promote cultural exchange, strengthen the power of Kung Fu, and achieve the grand goal of winning the world with the charm of martial arts.



Fu Biao shared with the guests the thoughts, culture and spirit summarized by himself. Napoleon once said that human beings have two kinds of power, sword and thought. But the sword is often defeated by thought. I have summed up that human beings have three forces, namely, thought, culture and spirit. Wushu originates from China and belongs to the world, belongs to sports and is higher than sports! Wushu is a combination of thought and body language, art and aesthetics, strength and skill, a sport of developing human brain and body to coordinate each other, and a science and technology to boost the spirit and will of mankind. The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate a nation's thought; the revitalization of martial arts can boost a country's national spirit. A nation with ideas is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a nation with spirit will make this country more and more powerful! We martial artists should constantly improve our ideology, culture, spiritual realm and Kungfu skills, so as to sublimate everyone's sense of social responsibility, social influence, social popularity, social values, social image, social status and personality charm. A thousand gorgeous words are not as good as one action. We should actively respond to the "one belt and one road" initiative, and promote the development of Wushu cause with practical actions, and finally win the world with the charm of Wushu, so that the whole world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by Wushu.



At the end of the meeting, the two sides took photos and presented their own textbooks and calligraphy treasures "Kung Fu" to the guests.

During the meeting, Mr. Liu Yaodong, vice president of the international Kungfu Federation was accompanied.

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