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Global Kungfu News: on November 15th , 2019, the Ambassador of friendship of the United Nations, chairman of China Chamber of private economic international cooperation, specially invited vice chairman of the 10th Session of the 9th China Martial Arts Association, chairman of the international Kungfu Federation and President of the glorious tradition Research Association of Beijing Anti Japanese university Fu Biao met with vice chairman of the Mao Zedong’s calligraphy style Association in Beijing Kong Weiyang.



Kong Weiyang, with the name of Yaoyu and Bodong, is not the master of the Confucian house, the Buddhist monk and Sudong. He is from Wenshang , Shandong Province, and the grandson of Confucius in the seventy eighth generation. At present, he is the vice president and Secretary General of Chinese MAOTI Calligrapher Association, the editor in chief of people's calligraphy magazine, the executive editor of Zhongdu calligraphy pictorial, and the vice chairman of Wenshang Calligrapher Association, the hometown of Chinese calligraphy, and the director of Beijing office. There are two purposes for Kong Weiyang to visit Fu Biao: first, to pay attention to the construction and development of Beijing Anti Japanese University Research Association; second, to discuss calligraphy with Fu Biao.



Fu Biao pointed out that the Beijing Anti Japanese university glorious tradition Research Association was founded on January 26th , 1996, and has gone through 23 years of development. The first president is general Zhang Jianmin. At the beginning of the establishment of the Research Association, I served as the assistant of the founding president, general Zhang Jianmin. Later, because of the work needs, I successively served as vice president, executive president, President and other positions, witnessing the contributions of General Zhang Jianmin and general Jia Xueyang to the establishment and development of the glorious traditional research association of Beijing Anti Japanese university. Chairman Mao set the education policy of "firm and correct political direction, hard and simple work style, flexible and flexible strategy and tactics", the school motto of "unity, tension, seriousness and liveliness", and the "Bank of the Yellow River", which gathered a group of outstanding descendants of the Chinese nation. The responsibility of human liberation and national salvation depends on ourselves. "The school song inherits the red blood, inspires the fighting spirit, enlightens and cultivates more than 200000 red generals, inspires national independence, people's Liberation and revolutionary construction, and is also the action guide for our research association to develop and advance under the new historical conditions. In the past 70 years of the Republic of China, we have started from the following aspects: spreading the red spirit and guiding the growth of the young generation with the ideological and cultural spirit of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries. Let the spirit of the Long March, Yan'an and Xibaipo be deeply embedded in the thoughts of teenagers. We can strengthen patriotism education in schools, enterprises and all social strata, and truly penetrate the Anti Japanese spirit into the masses. Every year, on January 19, the anniversary of the founding of the Anti Japanese university is held; on May 9, the anniversary of the victory of the human anti fascist war is held to let the people of the world realize the indelible role of the East's main battlefield; on July 7, the large-scale calligraphy and painting exhibition of magnificent rivers and mountains is held to realize that people, young and old, North and south, are all patriotic and have the responsibility of patriotism; on September 18, the past events are not forgotten and the future is not forgotten On December 13, he held a memorial ceremony for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, not forgetting the tragic history and honing the concept of national self-improvement. Do a good job in top-level design; do a good job in positioning and qualitative, do a good job in organizational development, through a series of solid and effective work, research, publicity, inheritance and development of the Anti Japanese spirit.





Fu Biao and Kong Weiyang share the thoughts, culture and spirit summed up by themselves: Napoleon once said that human beings have two forces, sword and thought. But the sword is often defeated by thought. Chairman Mao said that the spirit of civilization and the physique of barbarism should be civilized. Martial arts is to train a strong physique, which is like a sharp sword, which needs to be mastered by the upgraded ideological and cultural spirit. I have summed up that human beings have three forces, namely, thought, culture and spirit. Wushu is a combination of thought and body language, art and aesthetics, strength and skill, a sport of developing human brain and body to coordinate each other, and a science and technology to boost the spirit and will of mankind. The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate a nation's thought; the revitalization of Wushu can boost a country's national spirit. A nation with ideas is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a nation with spirit will make this country more and more powerful! We martial artists should constantly improve our ideology, culture, spiritual realm and kungfu skills, so as to sublimate everyone's sense of social responsibility, social influence, social popularity, social values, social image, social status and personality charm. A thousand gorgeous words are not as good as one action. In the action of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we should dare to have dreams, dare to pursue dreams, and be diligent in fulfilling dreams. Finally, we should win the world with the charm of Wushu and let the people of the world enjoy the health and happiness brought by Wushu!





Fu Biao and Kong Weiyang share their skills with each other: Fu Biao's words "Wu", "Shen", "Buddha" and "Jian" are powerful, natural and self-contained. They embody that calligraphy is still music and martial arts are galloping art. They witness that both martial arts and calligraphy come from life. They both stress on understanding and have to be supported by cultural background and integrate into their own understanding, self-cultivation and artistic conception. Kong Weiyang wrote "dragon", "Heaven rewards diligence" and "sea embraces all rivers", witnessing his love for calligraphy art, his good at wild grass, his pursuit of elements, his good moistening, and his good nature. The photos, videos and small programs in the hands of the staff, wechat and tremolo in the hands of everyone, record and spread this flash moment reflecting civilization, progress and positive energy.






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