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On November 1st , 2019, the first semester of the 2019-2020 School of martial arts in Beijing Shaolin Wushu school was held in the martial arts hall, No. 1 teaching area of the headquarters of Beijing Shaolin. Ambassador of friendship of the United Nations, special vice president of the 10th Session of the 9th China Martial Arts Association, President of the international Kungfu Federation, President and head coach of Beijing Shaolin Wushu school Mr. Fu Biao, director and press officer of the cultural center of the Nepalese Embassy Mr. Kuma, assistant to the president of the international Kungfu Federation and champion of the Silk Road world super model competition Ms. Lucia, general manager of Luoka Exhibition Co., Ltd Mr. Kaya, international model Ms. Sasha, Ms. Deng Shuping of Beijing Sanbao Hulu Advertising Co., Ltd, assistant president and Deputy Secretary General of the international Kungfu Federation Ms. Nastya, parent representative Mr. Deng Hongbin, Mr. Zhu Xianqing and other leaders and guests attended the martial arts performance conference.







Mr. Fu Biao, president and head coach, delivered a passionate speech: Dear leaders, guests, foreign friends, parents, friends, classmates, teachers and coaches, good morning! Today, we have a grand gathering here to hold the autumn martial arts performance meeting of Beijing Shaolin Wushu school. Parents are invited to test the students' training and learning in ordinary times, so that the students can show the most powerful side from me! Martial arts use body language to show ideas and skills. Chinese martial arts has a long history. Its profundity lies in its ever-changing body language. So today, I hope that students can show themselves and express themselves on the martial arts platform, and improve your most powerful side with thoughts, strength and skills. To play creatively, creatively, incisively and freely, "without freedom, there will be no innovation and development!" When I was chatting with Fu Guoren, I told him that when a man is 18 years old, he can fly freely to create his own world, because he is 18 for his father! He was lying on the ground, claiming to be drawing a military strategic map, when suddenly his passion burst out: "without freedom, there is no innovation and development!" Keep a good attitude and show yourself easily. Some people who are good at fighting and Sanda in the challenge arena can usually face challenges with a smile and keep a good attitude under various conditions. On the contrary, the self righteous and powerful players can't relax freely. Their muscles and functions are already stretched to death before they start to fight. They can't fight or kick their legs If you want to show yourself in the challenge arena, it is difficult to give full play to your skills, skills and strength, which shows the importance of a good attitude. When we talk about innovation, we need to deal with the relationship between innovation and freedom, so that children can learn and play well, and they need to be free! The same is true in the process of teaching and management. It is not advisable and wrong to be excessively strict. Therefore, it is necessary to give students proper space to play freely. Napoleon said: "human beings have two kinds of power: the sword and the thought, but often the sword is defeated by the thought. "Iron needs to be hard." Today's martial arts show is to prove the most powerful side of our students on the stage! We need to improve people's sense of social responsibility, so that a person can become more and more powerful. A person who has no sense of social responsibility, first of all, has no sense of family responsibility. He is self-centered and indifferent to other people's consciousness, collective consciousness and national consciousness. I have said so much, the most important thing is to act; a thousand gorgeous words, rather than an act! A few days ago, when I went to Shanghai for inspection, a foreign friend said, "you can't just say you didn't do it." What we are doing may not be so brilliant and far-reaching. Therefore, we need to work hard and increase speed and strength to do it, which requires action! Action power is productivity. The faster the action power is, the higher the productivity is and the stronger the vitality is! To develop, to act, to act scientifically, to act at a high speed, to act in a planned and step-by-step manner, to act with foresight and foresight, so as to enhance their own influence. The greater the influence, the higher the productivity. We must pay attention to sustainable things, positive energy things, things that are beneficial to the cause of social and human civilization and progress, things that are helpful to others and families, and things that improve ourselves, change ourselves, and create and develop ourselves! "If you want to be poor for thousands of miles, go to a higher level.". In the process of educating children and students, what we want is not the best, but the better! Pay attention to whether the students' movements with high difficulty and high skill level have improved compared with the previous ones. Teaching, training and management are all the same, which need scientific management and guidance! I hope that comrades, friends, classmates, teachers and coaches can learn, exercise and train themselves for the purpose of improving themselves! I summed up three kinds of human power, that is, thought, culture and spirit! Martial arts is a combination of thought and body language, strength and skill, art and aesthetics, a movement to develop the coordinated development of human brain and body, and a science and technology to boost the spirit and will of all mankind. The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate a nation's thought; the revitalization of Wushu can boost a country's national spirit. A nation with ideas is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a nation with spirit will make this country more and more powerful! To run a country, to run a family and to run a business, we can't do without thought, culture and spirit! Enhance people's sense of social responsibility, social influence, social popularity, social value and personality charm through ideological and cultural spirit! A thousand gorgeous words are not as good as one action. We should use practical actions to promote the vigorous development of martial arts, so that people all over the world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by martial arts, and finally win the world with the charm of martial arts! I wish every student in today's martial arts show the most powerful side of themselves, win the highest honor on the field, make parents satisfied, coaches satisfied, and teachers satisfied! Thank you!





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