Fu Biao held talks with president of Republic of C


On August 22th, 2019, the United Nations Friendship Messenger, President of the International Chamber of Commerce on Private Economic Cooperation in China, Special Vice-President of the Ninth China Kungfu Association and Chairman of the International Kungfu Federation Fu Biao was held talking with the Acting President of the Republic of Chuvashia Chekmarev Peter Alexandrovic.



Fu Biao pointed out: take the development express train of "one belt and one road", set up a cultural platform, sing the opera in an economic way, put together a hundred flowers and bloom together, pay attention to the actual effect, emphasize the project landing, and help to build the community of human destiny together. Speaking from the macro environment, China and Russia are comprehensive strategic cooperative partners, with fruitful results in practical cooperation in various fields. As for Chu Valley, as an important area along the "one belt and one road", they have strong advantages in economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchanges and tourism cooperation. The implementation of the "one belt and one way" initiative and the new prospects and opportunities for economic and cultural development will help Siberia and other parts of the Far East to rise. The development of economy and culture requires awareness of opportunities, docking, landing, and gathering the advantages of time, place, people and others. In terms of economy, China has a consensus that "the king takes the people as the heaven, and the people take food as the heaven". In this regard, Mr. Chekmarev introduced the noodle production development project to Fu Biao in the hope of opening food processing factories in Russia, such as noodles, bread, milk, biscuits, etc. Fu Biao said that many Chinese private entrepreneurs are confident and eager to invest abroad, hoping Chuvashia can provide a favorable environment for human investment. Small items, big markets; simple avenues, unlimited changes! Noodles originated in China, easy to eat, rich nutrition, can be staple food and fast food, a variety of patterns, variety, local characteristics are extremely rich, elegant and popular, both young and old are appropriate. In terms of culture, we should promote the deep-seated exchange, promotion and cooperation of Kungfu culture, speed up the construction of the Kungfu Museum in Chuwashia and the "Chinese Kungfu Cultural Center". We should make Kungfu Sanda skills, Kungfu routine performances and Chinese language teaching functional areas, Chinese calligraphy functional areas, clothing and weapons functional areas, tea art cultural functional areas and traditional Chinese medicine functional areas. The integration of cultural function areas and Chinese folk music function areas has set off a new upsurge in the overseas dissemination of Chinese Kungfu culture. Opportunity prefers a prepared mind. Kissinger also said, "There are many opportunities in a person's life. There are big opportunities and small opportunities. As long as you seize the small opportunities, the big opportunities will come."



Fu Biao shared the spirit of ideology and culture with the participants: Napoleon once said that human beings have two powers, sword and thought. But the sword is often defeated by thought. Chairman Mao said that civilization has its spirit and its body is barbaric. I have summed up three forces of human beings: thought, culture and spirit. Kungfu originates from China and belongs to the world. It belongs to sports and is higher than sports. Kungfu is a combination of thought and body language, art and aesthetics, strength and skills, a sport to develop human brain and limbs, and a science and technology to boost human spiritual will. The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate a nation's ideology; the revitalization of Kungfu can revitalize a country's national spirit. A nation with ideas is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a nation with spirit will become stronger and stronger. A thousand gorgeous words are not as good as an action. We should actively respond to the call of "one belt and one road", and promote the development of Kungfu cause by practical action, so that the people of the whole world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by Kungfu, and finally win the world with the charm of Kungfu.

Peter Chekmarev said that he admired Mr. Fu Biao's idea of "enabling the whole world to enjoy the health and happiness brought by martial arts", and was willing to continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation and share development opportunities of "one belt and one road" construction, and learn from each other and promote each other through exchanges.

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