The 2nd New Silk Road Presidential Dialogue


International Kung Fu Federation News, On August 10, 2019, the Delegation of International Action Council to China for the 2nd New Silk Road Presidential Dialogue, the “World Leader” New Silk Road and New Opportunity Forum Dinner/Banquet Ceremony was held in Beijing in the hopes and blessings of all walks of life.




Former Mexican President Calderon, former Ukrainian President Yushchenko, former Polish President Komorowski, former Slovenian President Turck, former Colombian President Andres, former Uruguayan President Lakale, former Panamanian President Rehos, former Ecuadorian Prime Minister Lareia, former Costa Rican President Rodriguez, former Egyptian President Sharif, former Deputy Minister of Commerce Zhou Keren, former Deputy Minister of Culture Chang Keren, former Deputy Director of the State Council Development Center Hou Yunchun, Chinese public Vice Chairman of the Diplomatic Association, Lu Fengding, Ambassador of the Chinese Ambassador to Sweden, Mr.Fu Biao,Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations, President of the China Private Economy International Cooperation Chamber of Commerce, Special Vice-President of the 10th Chinese Wushu Association as well as President of International Kung Fu Federation.Mr.Zhang Yingrou, President of the Asian Music League. Song Zhanchun, President of Huaqiang Energy Group, has about 400 International dignitaries, Presidents of giant enterprises, and scholars. He actively talks with the times and looks at future business opportunities from the perspective of global integration.




The International Leaders’ Dinner/Banquet brought the event to a climax. Accompanied by the bright lights, graceful music, superb performances, and joyful thoughts, the President of the 10 countries presented the cultural medal named Harmony to Mr. Fu Biao."Harmony" represents the core content of Chinese culture and runs through the international community and strives for it. Glory and Dreams; This is an important moment for the International Council of Action and its World Leaders Forum, which is both a glory and a consensus.












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