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Kung Fu Global Network, News Global governance focuses on collaboration and development, thinking the holiday gathers trust and strategy. On August 10th, 2019, the New Silk Road and New Opportunities Forum was held in Beijing, taking into account the expectations and wishes of all circles of the world. The theme of internationalism and action, the atmosphere of innovation and learning, are reflected here.



Former President of Mexico Calderon, former President of Ukraine Yushchenko, former President of Poland Komorowski, former President of Slovenia Turk, former President of Colombia Andres Escobar, former President of Uruguay Racale, former President of Panama Torrijos, former Prime Minister of Ecuador Larrea, former President of Costa Rica Rodriguez Echeverria, former president of Egypt Essam Sharaf, former vice-minister of trade Zhou Keren, former vice-minister of culture Chang Keren, former deputy director of the Center for Development Council of State Hou Yunchun, former vice-president of China Association of Public Diplomacy, former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Sweden, United Nations Envoy for Friendship and President of the China Chamber of Commerce for International Cooperation in Private Economy, Lu Fengding, former Vice-Chairman of China Public Diplomacy Association, former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Sweden, United Nations Friendship Envoy, Chairman of China International Chamber of Commerce for Private Economic Cooperation, invited Vice-Chairman of Ninth China Kungfu Association, Chairman of International Kungfu Federation, Chairman of Asian Music Federation, Zhang Yingru, Chairman of Huaqiang Energy Group Song Zhanchun, about 400 international dignitaries, president of giant enterprises and scholar Dacai, made a brilliant appearance to help develop the grand event.

Fu Biao exchanged cordially with the leaders of the conference and delivered a passionate speech: on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the presidents of ten countries gathered in Beijing to meet international giants as part of the New Silk Road and New Opportunities, spark the highest point wisdom and promote friendly interaction thinkers, entrepreneurs and cultural circles from macro to micro level. Actions to promote international cooperation are of particular importance. Peace and cooperation are the saviors of development, and over the course of a century, the world has undergone unprecedented change.

At the same time, some factors of uncertainty and uncertainty take into account our character, vision and actions. At present, China is a frontier of openness, a hot country of investment, a center of exchange and a highland of innovation. The theory and practice of China's reform and opening up over the past 40 years shows that heroes and patterns of entrepreneurship are constantly emerging. The essence of entrepreneurial innovation lies in the fact that a group of courageous people with social responsibility, democratic consciousness, national self-identity and family consciousness rushes into the ocean of economic development, promotes and supports the activity, innovation and development of a market economy. Society creates wealth and holds hope for future development. Today we are promoting the landing of the entire territory along this path. China, which has benefited from reform and opening up, developed Central and Eastern Europe and growing Africa, will take on one-belt and one-way express development to advance the economic and geographical revolution and usher in an era of mutual victory. This will benefit all countries of the world.

Fu Biao noted that Chinese Kungfu is wide, deep and has a long history. Kungfu is a “body language” across ethnic and regional borders, conveying the spirit of self-improvement, progress and peace.

Napoleon once said that a person has two powers, a sword and a thought. But the sword is often defeated by thought. Chairman Mao said that civilization has its own spirit and its body is barbaric. I have summed up three human powers: thought, culture and spirit. Kung Fu comes from China and belongs to the world. This applies to sports and higher than sports. Kung Fu is a combination of thinking and body language, art and aesthetics, strength and skills, sports for the development of the human brain and limbs, as well as science and technology to enhance the spiritual will of man. Promoting a country's culture can sublimate the ideology of a nation; Kung Fu revitalization can revitalize the national spirit of the country. A nation with ideas is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a nation with spirit will become stronger and stronger. An ideological and cultural spirit is necessary for governing the country, family and business. We practitioners of martial arts must constantly improve our ideological concepts, cultural achievements, spiritual kingdom and kung fu skills in order to sublimate the sense of social responsibility of everyone, social influence, social visibility, social values, social image, social status and personality charm.

Our martial arts masters should broaden their horizons and strengthen their spirit, strive to develop brave generals who can fight well, fight bravely and win, increase their mobility, influence, combat abilities, working capacity, learning ability, practical abilities, adaptability and innovative abilities , and take measures to realize the Chinese dream of a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In Chinese, we must dare to have dreams, dare to pursue them and diligently fulfill them. A thousand great words are not as good as action. We must actively respond to the call “one belt and one road” and promote practical actions for the development of Kung Fu, so that people around the world can enjoy the health and happiness brought by Kungfu, and, finally, conquer the world with the charm of Kungfu. I hope to create a “national kungfu cultural exchange center” in ten countries so that more people can understand Chinese culture through Chinese Kungfu, learn Chinese Kung Fu, enjoy the health and happiness brought by Kungfu, and strive to build the Kungfu Silk Road. Kungfu culture to create a new point of global economic growth in Kungfu.



Former Bolivian President Ramirez meets Fu Biao


Former Ecuadorian Prime Minister Larea Meets Fu Biao



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Former President of Mexico Calderon Meets Fu Biao


Former Slovenian President Turk meets Fu Biao

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