Wushu Champion Ms.Ragulina Eugenia from Kazakhstan


International Kung Fu Federation News On March 13th, Mr.Fu Biao,President of IKFF warmly welcomed the young Wushu Champion Ms.Ragulina Eugenia from Kazakhstan in Beijing.She is the national team player of her country with 16years Wushu practising experiences.

She won three gold medals in the 2007 International Wushu Championships in 2008.In the 7th Asian Wushu Championships in 2008,she got the 5th place.She won the gold medal in the 5th Asian Youth Wushu Championship of Spear event in 2009 and the silver medal in Sword/Jianshu.The 1st place in Changquan at the 5th World Traditional Championship in 2012 as well as many other national Championships,Youth Asian Championships,Youth World Championships,and traditional Wushu World Championships.







She firstly extended her appreciation and thanks to Mr.Fu Biao for the guidance and help in Wushu training in the past when she was in Beijing Shaolin Wushu School.She is looking forward to meeting Master Fu Biao for the possibility of cooperation with IKFF and Beijing Shaolin Wushu School as well as Global Kung Fu Media through the advantages of Martial Arts and multi-languages skills in the future.

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