The Development Outline of IKFF


                        The Development Outline of IKFF

First, adhere to the "three systems of ideological, cultural & spiritual" as the guiding principle.
All actions are inseparable from the guiding ideology. There are three kinds of human power, ideology, culture, and spirit. "Martial arts is a combination of thought and body language, is a combination of art and aesthetics, is a combination of strength and skills, martial arts is a developer of the brain and body coordination to play sports, is a spirit of humanity will boost science technology, a country's culture can enhance a nation's idea of sublimation; martial arts revitalization can enhance a country's national spirit; a thinking nation have an ideal target promising nation; a nation spirit of this country will be more to the more powerful. " the governance of a country and management of a family, are inseparable from the ideological, cultural, spiritual systems. Everyone's sense of social responsibility would be promoted by ideological, cultural, spiritual systems and also the  social influence, social awareness, social values, social image, social status, personal charm. It would serve for the progress of human civilization.
Secondly,Mr. Fu Biao emphasized that the key work in 2019 is to vigorously establish the Chinese Kung Fu Culture Center .It will be a perfect combination with the following sections such as Chinese Language Teaching & Learning  Classroom ,Chinese Calligraphy Classroom ,Wushu Taolu Show Room ,Sanda /Kungfu Fighting Demo Room, Costumes and Weapons Display Room ,Chinese Tea Culture Ceremony and Testing Room ,and Chinese Medicine Section as well as Chinese Traditional Folk Music Classroom .The specific function of the eight sections/rooms are of distinctive characters as follows: Wushu Taolu Show and Exhibition Hall integrates Martial Arts training ,demonstration and inspirational exhibition .Sanda / Kungfu Fighting Hall enables people to better understand the connotation ad fitness role of Sanda and Temper People to persevere .The Chinese Language Teaching Classroom can help students to grasp another door approaching towards future civilization and achievement by using modern ,humanistic and comprehensive language expressions style .The Chinese Calligraphy Section shows the life of the Chinese nation ,the light of wisdom ,just like the time tunnel that shuttles through Chinese culture .Weapon and Clothing Area is prepared for you to walk in the world of Martial Arts Equipment ,and listen to the cry from the distant battle field .To understand the spirit of Chinese Martial Arts in the Tea Ceremony at the Chinese Tea Culture Room .Chinese Medicine Section --- adheres to the idea of harmony between culture and nature ,and strengthen the body. For the Chinese Folk Music Demo Room --- it brings people thinking and enlightenment by Music which spans the language of the region and national borders ,for instance ,the well known names as High Mountain with Water Flow ,and Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon .Relying on the thinking and cultural realm of Martial Arts Family ,the Chinese Kung Fu Culture Center pattern reflects the wisdom of China. The first-class enterprises do business with high standards and those who look at premium quality as the first priority will be the winner .The concept of the Chinese Kung Fu Culture Center reflects the Chinese standards .The Chinese Kung Fu Culture Center innovation reflects the Chinese program .Success and greatness can be prepared by global innovation and working jointly .Chinese Kung Fu Culture Center innovation reflects the Chinese program .We should maintain the positive attitude to learn the new knowledge and useful skills just like a water channel benefits from the origin of the consecutive fresh water flow into .With the culture platform ,greatness can be approaching with financial support regardless of who you are and where you are from. In short ,be inclusive is our priority .It boasts in several characters of modern culture, international exchange ,green environment .More importantly ,it is a place that pays attention to the value of human beings ,an enterprise that looks life and health very high. Hopefully ,a tree of life is always green!
Third, development of Member States, the integrity of the organization of Member States
The most important task of International Kung Fu Federation is to develop the Member States. The aim is to develop 120-150 Member States within five years. At the same time, we should improve the organization construction of Member States, especially the construction of the leading institute. Each Member State needs to establish a President, 4-6 Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-general,  4-6 Deputy Secretary-general, 1 Supervisor. Organization construction is the base to launch all works. As head of the kungfu federation, the President must quickly construct a strong leadership which should be in line with IKFF headquarters at the top-level design. The member state of IKFF should be highly consistent to study and implement the decisions and guiding ideology of the headquarters and should take initiative and actively efforts to carry out the work efficiently.
Fourth, establish and improve committee for various schools of martial arts 
The President of Member States strives for improving and building committee for different wushu schools and developing members on the basis of the integrity of the organization of Member States. There is no opposition between the various schools of martial arts. They all serve for physical fitness for people. So in the process of developing the special committee of the martial arts we should hold together all people of wushu. We should abide by the principle of the philosophy of “Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend” . In order to facilitate the promotion, we changed the name of Wushu Taolu, Pushing Hands, Sanda to kung fu martial arts, kung fu pushing hands, Kungfu fighting.
Fivth, establish training base in the Member States; promote Kung Fu Martial Arts with full efforts
Development of any school of martial art is based on complete training base. Therefore, we should take the effort to establish training centers or training bases. Member States should take action for the connection of extensive human resources and social resources to vigorously open up training bases.
Sixth, the implementation of coexistence mechanisms of Dan system (internationalization) and “Cheng” system (traditional folk)  
Dan system belongs to an international title and “Cheng” system for traditional. The so-called “Cheng” should be trained by IKFF. The practitioners could be granted 1-9 “Cheng” without age limitation based on the real level of kungfu. Levels above nine “cheng” is upper cheng and the final level is great cheng which is the highest level of “Cheng” system. The aim is to enhance the interest of practitioners in martial arts by upgrading his honor of cheng.
Seventh, continue to promote the Spark Program; boost the cultural development in developing countries
In order to promote the Chinese martial arts, strengthen cultural exchanges between China and the world; in the concept of "culture serves for economy" and the aim of promoting the economy and culture of developing countries, we launched the "Spark Program." and let more people benefit from it.
Eighth, organize matches, increase and promote the exchange
Wushu culture needs to be promoted and to be spread. The base is to strengthen exchanges. Only in this way, could the level of each member's Wushu athletes be enhanced continuously. We should actively prepare for the fifth Beijing International Wushu Culture Exchange Conference & the fourth session of Beijing international martial arts exchange conference. From the beginning of this year, kungfu Jiji would be the main project of IKFF.  We especially set up KFF (Kung Fu Fighting) match for the better developing of Kungfu fighting (KFF). International Kung Fu Federation would like to train the judges, coaches and more technical personnel for kung fu fighting game. We would hold KFF match during the Beijing Wushu &Culture Exchange Conference from this year. At the same time, each member country of IKFF would take turns to host KFF matches and promote it to the world. Every year, we would hold 100 KFF tournament to build the most influential Kung Fu World Cup in the world. This event will be conducted in the United States, Britain, Russia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and other countries. This would be another kungfu feast after Beijing Wushu & Cultural Exchange Conference. It is the world's highest level of kung fu fighting. KFF is the Fist Tournament promoted by IKFF. We would try to make it in the same level of MMA, UFC . We would display the essence of traditional Chinese Wushu in the ring; to show the Chinese nation spirit and let the audience enjoy gluttonous feast.
Ninth, achieve the goal of winning the world with Martial Art’s charm
Member states would organize its similar matches while actively participating Beijing Wushu&Culture Exchange Conference. Flourish its own wushu culture through communication and promote competitive, technology level. At the same time, strengthen the communication of member state of IKFF and its country’s folk & official wushu teams and personnel. The purpose is to promote cultural exchanges and strengthen the power of Kung fu.
The goal of win the world with martial art’s charm would be come true in the near future through the joint efforts of our global martial arts people. All staff of IKFF, all the members should unite together and seize opportunities to cope with challenges and implement pioneering and innovative. Let people from all regions and the world enjoy the health and happiness brought by Wushu!

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