IKFF Annual 2018 Presidium Seminar in Thailand

International Kung Fu Federation(IKFF)News,on 31st December,2018,IKFF Annual Presidium Seminar was held at Royal Phuket City Hotel in Thailand.Leaders were as follows:Mr.Fu Biao,president of IKFF,Mr.Mr.Rabadanov Magomedkami,vice president of IKFF & president of Kung Fu Federation of Russia,Mr.Matulevsky Mykola,vice president of IKFF & president of EKF(European Kung Fu Federation),Mr.Rean-Luc Lesueur,president of French Kung Fu Federation,Mr.Gyan Tripathi,president of Kung Fu Federation of India,Mr.Li Yuzhong,president of Kungfu Federation of Thai,Mr.Sargis Harutyunyan,president of Kung Fu Federation of Armenia,Ms.Wang Rong,president of Kung Fu Federation of Singapore,Mr.Gajiyev,president of Kazakhstan,Mr.Vilde , president of Kung Fu Federation of Uzbekistan,Mr.Rustam,assistant of Kamil from Russia,Mr.Fu Minwei,Chief Director of the Arbitration Committee,Mr.Sang Tonghua,Chief Judge of Sanda/KFF Fighting,Mr.Li Guoping,Chief Judge of Taolu,Ms.Natalia Matveenk,Secretary-General of IKFF,Vice Secretary - General of IKFF,Ms.Chen Haiyan.Mr.Qin Yanbo,assistant of Mr.Fu Biao and the Senior SG of IKFF,was the anchor/host for the meeting as well as Ms.Bai Xue,the Russian Speaker Interpreter.


Fu Biao pointed out that members of IKFF will use the mobility and combat effectiveness to influence more people in the process of promoting Martial Arts hopefully.It is necessary to work in accordance with the Eight Development Outlines of IKFF in the future.The three major systems of "Thought,Culture and Spirit"were elaborated on the general grogram paper,followed with the topics below: Training Base Establishment,Sparking Sponsor Program and Cultural Exchanges.

Leaders of IKFF briefly summarized the difficulties encountered in the promotion and the support that need IKFF headquarters to provide in the future.Some questions have been answered by Mr.Fu Biao on the seminar spot,and he emphasized that IKFF will continue to support and solve the matters in the long run.Highly Appreciated all the positive speeches,suggestions,and hopefully,work together to write a new chapter of IKFF!

Finally,after the deliberation and approval of IKFF Presidium Bureau Committee,the Next International Kung Fu Cultural Exchange Conference and the 8th World Kung Fu Championship will be held in New Delhi of India in November,2020.Each Member State can organize an invitational Tournament or KFF Fighting World Cup etc.in its own country every year.

At the end of the meeting,Mr.Gyan Tripathi,president of Kung Fu Federation of India,presented/granted a special hand-made gift which took him about two weeks to complete as in the photo below.According to Mr.Gyan Tripathi,the present was expressing the sincere cooperation and development of Kung Fu Federation of India and IKFF.Mr.Fu Biao,president of IKFF,accepted the special gift and expressed his gratitude towards Mr.Gyan Tripathi for his time-consuming self-woven fabric work.Last but not least,Master Fu Biao encouraged and said that the team of IKFF will work together both at home and abroad to witness the growth and future of IKFF.





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