Mr.Fu Biao and the President of the Russian Kungfu


 Global Kung Fu Network News On November 3rd , 2018, the United Nations Friendship Messenger, President of the China International Chamber of Commerce for Private Economy, the Special Vice-President of the 10th China Wushu Association, the President of the International Kung Fu Federation and President of the Beijing Shaolin Wushu School Mr. Fu Biao met with Chairman of the Russian Kung Fu Federation Rabadanov Magomedkamil and President of the Russian K9 Federation Zaur Abduragimov in Beijing. Wang Xiaolong, Chairman of Beijing Yindun Security Service Co., Ltd., Liu Yaodong, Regional Director of Chongqing Beiqi Yinxiang Trading Co., Ltd., and Sanda Fighting General Tsinger accompanied him. The two sides held a cooperative talk on Sino-Russian wushu culture, fighting events, security service. 

Mr.Fu Biao first welcomed the arrival of Rabadanov Magomedkamil and Zaur Abduragimov. He also said that China and Russia are good friends and good partners. I am also a good friend and good partner with Mr. Kamil. Under the leadership of Mr. Kamil, Kung fu skills have been launched in dozens of cities in Russia. Mr. Kamil's excellent work ability!

Rabadanov Magomedkamil said that China is a populous country and the country with the most athletes. Russia's relationship with China are developing very well, providing a broad space for development in all aspects of cooperation between the two countries. He will continue to do the work of the Russian Kung Fu Federation and continue to promote kung fu skills in Russia. He also will continuously introduce excellent resources for cooperation as President of the Russian K9 Federation Zaur Abduragimov.

Zaur Abduragimov preached that he liked Chinese culture and Chinese Wushu since childhood, and also practiced Chinese Wushu in his childhood. “It is my biggest dream to cooperate with Chinese friends in the future to promote Wushu in Russia. This time, I first invited Mr. Fu Biao to participate in the fight event held by our K9 in Russia. Secondly, I hope that the two sides can carry out a series of cooperation - the exchange of wushu fights, training, and deep cooperation such as security guards. K9 is t trains security and special security”said Zaur Abduragimov.
Fu Biao pointed out that he will bring his delegation to visit Russia's Wushu event in February 2019. He recommended to Zaur Abduragimov to promote Chinese culture - Wushu, medical skills, tea ceremony, Chinese language. The economy is the foundation for the advancement of the country and the nation. “When we develop wushu, we must also grasp the economy with one hand, work hard with one hand, set up a stage with Wushu, and sing economically. Attract more Chinese people to invest, exchange and promote wushu culture in the Belt and Road, use more platforms, carry out more cooperation, avoid blocking barriers, build bridges of friendship, and create wealth in the Belt and Road. It is recommended to hold a Chinese cultural center in the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Far East, and Siberia, establish a development base, strengthen cultural communication, embody development characteristics, gather development forces, and accelerate economic development. The world is a global village. It is necessary to use a competitive approach, a means of communication, to express ourselves, to develop oneself, and to promote the competition of wushu. It is necessary to do more Wushu exchanges and promote the development of Wushu and K9 security.” said Mr.Fu Biao.

Mr.Fu Biao shared with the guests the spirit of ideological culture summed up by himself; Napoleon once said that human beings have two kinds of strengths, one is the sword and the other is the thought. But the sword is often defeated under the thought. “I have concluded that human beings have three forces, that is, thought, culture, and spirit. Wushu originated in China and belong to the world. It belongs to sports and is higher than sports! Wushu is a combination of thought and body language. It is a combination of art and aesthetics. It is a combination of strength and skill. It is a movement to develop the coordination between the human brain and the limbs. It is a science and technology that boosts the spiritual will of all mankind. The promotion of a country's culture can sublimate the thought of a nation; the rejuvenation of Wushu can boost the national spirit of a country. A philosophical nation is a nation with ideals, goals and hopes; a spiritual nation, this country will become stronger and stronger! Our Wushu  people must constantly improve their ideological concepts, cultural accomplishments, spiritual realms, and kung fu skills, thus sublimating each person's sense of social responsibility, social influence, social awareness, social values, social image, social status, and personality. A thousand gorgeous languages are not as good as one action. We must actively respond to the call of the “Belt and Road” and use practical actions to promote the development of the Wushu, so after people around the world can enjoy the health and happiness which brought by Wushu. 

In the end of the discussion, Mr.Fu Biao wrote the calligraphy characters "Kung Fu", "God", "Wushu", "Sword", "Wealth" for the guests , and arranged for them excursion in the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Beijing Shaolin Wushu School, Yindun Security company.

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