Fu Biao Attended the Open Cup of Russia in Kung-Fu


Global Kungfu News On 11.08.2018, the Open Cup in Russia of Kungfu JiJi Fights 2018 was held in the City of Makhachkala,the Capital of the Repubic of Dagestan,Russua. It was organized by Kung-Fu Federation of Russia,undertaken by Kungfu Federation of the Republic of Dagestan, and supported by International Kungfu Federation(IKFF). 

More than 200 Kung fu masters and players from Russia, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Iran, Aftanstein and other countries for two days.

Invited Guests and Leaders are as follows: Mr. Fu Biao, the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations, President of International Cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce in Private Economy, the 9th and 10th Invited Vice President of China Wushu Association and President of International Kungfu Federation(IKFF).Rabadanov M. N.,President of the Kung-fu Federation of Russia.Kurbanov R.D. Deputy of the State Duma. Chairman of the Board of Trustees "KFR".Khizriev M.M.  The Chief of Bureau of Internal Affairs of the MIA for the Republic of Dagestan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Kung-fu Federation of Russia.Guseikhanov I. G. President of the Kung-fu Federation of the Republic of Dagestan.Gadzhiev G.Sh. Vice-President of the Kung-fu Federation of Russia for International Relations.Akhadov M.K. Senior coach of the Russian national Kung-fu team,Executive director of the Kung-fu Federation of the Republic of Dagestan.Amiragayev Dzhalaudin Director of "OLIMP" Sports Complex,General sponsor of the Open Cup of Russia on Kung-fu.Mr.Sargis Harutyunyan,president of the Kung Fu Federation of Armenia.Vice president of Kung-Fu Federation of Russia,Mr.Vallojia.Vice president of Kazakhstan Kungfu Federation,Gaji and Vice president of IKFF, Mr.Yuan Zhenzhou etc..

“Caspian Sea is the place I have been yearning for. It is a romantic and vibrant city - Makhachkala, the beautiful coastal city. Here, the sky is thin, the sky is connected, the water is heaven. One color, the sparkling sea and the blue sky and white clouds are intertwined, like a fairyland on earth. More than 800,000 urban population, more than 30 large and small ethnic groups, because of the emphasis on political and historical and cultural identity, the residents here are civilized and cheerful, love peace, Hospitality.”Said Mr.Fu Biao.














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