Fu Biao visited Melbourne Natural Kungfu Institute

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On the afternoon of August 26,2013,friendly envoy of the UN,vice-chairman of Chinese wushu association,chairman of international kungfu federation Mr.Fu Biao to visit Melbourne Natural Kung Fu institute.The friendly director Liu Deming, warmly welcome Fu Biao's arriving. On how to spread the Chinese traditional martial arts culture in Australia,they made the in-depth discussion and communication.

Mr Liu Deming introduced to Fu that the relevant information about natural kungfu institute. It was founded in 1995, is Melbourne's biggest kung fu school.The Founder Liu Deming is the fifth generation descendant of Liuhe natural gate.Since eight years old Mr Liu learned martial arts from Hong Zhengfu and Wan Laisheng,and then graduated from Beijing sport university.In the early 1980s, Liu Deming once taught in Song mountain shaolin kung fu school.In the late eighty's, Liu Deming went to overseas for development,to teach Chinese kung fu and establish natural gate kung fu institute in a foreign country.Since it was founded,tens of thousands of kungfu enthusiasts accepted its professional training such as professional qigong,sanda,wushu,taichi and others.At present, there are hundreds of members in the institute and its members ranged from peoples of all ages and both sexes.

Although Liu Deming and Fu had never met face-to-face,because they had a common background in shaolin temple,so they are very congenial.After understanding the situation of the institute,Fu points out that the Australian martial arts wants to develop,so people must strengthen communication with martial arts association and martial arts organizations at home and abroad. In this way can we see all flowers bloom together,form a good interactive atmosphere.Fu introduced to Liu the initial purpose of the establishment of the international kung fu federation. As domestic and foreign folk wushu forces together launched an international kung fu organization,it provides a martial arts platform for global kungfu enthusiasts.Through the branches of international kungfu federation establish in the world,to absorb more of the member states to join,to make all efforts for promoting the dissemination of the martial arts.Fu welcomed Natural Kungfu institute also join in the organization of international kungfu federation, as its Australian representative to promote the development of martial arts in Australia.If it is lack of relevant coach, Fu wants to send coach from Beijing to teach here, or the institute can sent people to Beijing to study then come back to teach.Martial arts development must be market-oriented, to cater to the market demand.Fu also took the development of Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School as an example to illustrate the importance of marketing.At the beginning of the shaolin martial arts school was founded in Beijing, Mr Fu had just forcused to do his own business, basically don't communicate with martial arts association and other martial arts organizations, however, with the development of the school and the change of market situation, he found,worked behind closed doors would only make the martial arts market increasingly atrophy.Recent a decade, Mr Fu began to pay attention to communicate with domestic and foreign martial arts association and the martial arts organizations, which make his own field of vision is more and more wide, he made many friends from martial arts fields and all walks of life at home and abroad,therefore abundant social relations and human resources has been reserved for the development of martial arts career.

Fu said,the first and important thing for the development of Chinese martial arts in the world that is publicity. So for his visiting purpose,to use its own existing media (global kungfu network, global business network, the global television, global kungfu magazine)publicize martial arts culture in Australia to further expand Chinese martial arts influence.Fu pointed out that the influence is the vitality and productive forces. The greater the influence, the greater the productivity.Martial arts originated from China but belong to the world,part of sports but above sports. Wushu is a combination of mind and body language, a combination of art and aesthetics, a combination of strength and skills, a kind of sport for developing the brain and body, and a kind of science technology for boosting spirits of human. The promotion of a national culture can sublimate national spirit; the promotion of wushu can enhance national spirit of a nation. A thoughtful nation has their own ideality, goals and hopes. A country that have national spirit will be stronger and stronger.

During communication,Fu knew Liu just held Australian Martial Arts Competition,and there were hundreds of people participating.Fu said if Liu organize other competition later,Fu will send team to participate for promoting the martial arts communication.Fu also invited Liu with a delegation to participate in the third Beijing International Wushu Culture Exchange Conference and International Kungfu Championship held in next July of 2014. This event has been held for three consecutive terms, a total of more than 80 countries and regions, more than 320 teams, 6000 martial arts enthusiasts participated in this great events.

When parting,Fu gave his autograph calligraphy "wu" and "dragon" to this institute as a souvenir.











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