Djafarov Shamil ( Russia ) Vice President





Vice president of International Kungfu Federation,honorary president of Russian Kungfu Federation, President of Russia Kung Fu Federation, also a very successful entrepreneur in the business circle. He is mainly engaged in the operation of the food industry enterprises with enterprise headquarter in Dubai.His products are exported to countries around the world,branches, food processing plants and shopping mallswere established in many countries one after another,At the same time MR. Shamili is also engaged in such aspects of business activities like computer software research and development and etc..

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Address:Beijing Dewai Xisanqi Hui Long Guan Changping Road 386,Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School     Postcode:100096

Market investment telephone number:8610-52881215      Fax:8610-62715778

The record number: Capital ICP 12029906