Zhu Ruiqi





Zhu Ruiqi,Cantonese,born in 1950,graduated from the Wushu Department of the former Beijng Sports College.Now takes the office of vice president of International Kungfu Federation.He has served as director of Wushu department, associate professor,and doctoral tutor in Beijing Sports University.Member of Chinese wushu association ,deputy director of Wushu Association Referee Committee,consultant of Beijing wushu association .Since childhood,he has started learnig Nanquan, Xingyiquan, Tai chi, after college he went on learning Changquan, Chaquan, Xingyiquan, Tai chi, etc. One of" the Hundred Outstanding Figures "of Chinese Martial Artists,eighth grade,International martial arts referee.He has been the chief judge,and general judge of many large domestic and international wushu competition .

Since 1979, he has been engaged in the teaching, training and scientific research work in sanshou( sanda )area, cultivated new China's first "Wushu Scholar" and several national champions. Since 1985, he devoted himself in the important work such as martial arts scientific research, technical discussion ae well as rules amendment organized by Chinese wushu sports management center (The original national sports commission martial arts department) . During this period,more than ten textbooks including " China Wushu Sanshou Course", "Chinese Sanshou" were composed by him one after another.

Scientific research experience and results:

In 2002, "Chinese Wushu Sanda Competitions Rules and market Rearch"

In 2004,"Present situation of Wushu Sanda Sports Development and Countermeasure Study "

In 2003 ,"Chinese Martial Arts Course "(associate editor), meanwhike writing Sanda, Nanquan (general sports colleges teaching materials)

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