Liang Shouyu

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Honorary Advisor Liang Shouyu

Born in Chongqing, Master Liang Shouyu was trained by his grandfather as a successor of Wushu and Qigong, carrying his family traditions. In his youth, Liang visited well-known kungfu masters in different places and learnt from each other. And his name was recorded as the first in Wushu competitions on both the provincial level and the national level.

In 1981, Liang started his oversea career in the US as a coach in University of Washington. He was among the first famous kungfu masters to pioneer abroad at that time. He was known as the first Chinese Wushu coach having served in two American Universities in 1984 as he was recruited as the chief director of Wushu department in University of British Columbia.

He navigated the Canadian National Wushu Team in 1985 and 1986 as its head coach in the World Wushu Tournament, and the team acquired a second place in terms of the total score.

In 1988, Liang established the Canadian Liang Shouyu Wushu and Qigong Institute.
And in 1989, he set up the International Wushu and Sanshou Dao Association, which now has branches in over twenty countries, and was its first chairperson.

For the past few years, Master Liang Shouyu bent his skills and expertise into a systematic wushu school, “Wuji Xiaoyao Boxing”, and created dozens of Wushu routines. His Wushu systems integrate the characters of several individual schools and win him praise and fame from the Wushu circle.

Master Liang Shouyu has brilliant achievements in coaching and researching overseas. He was invited to give lectures in many cities in Canada, the United States, Europe and China and his pupils totaled tens of thousands. “Theories and Applications of Bagua Boxing”, “Theories and Applications of Xingyi Boxing”, “Sanshou and Fast Wrestling” and “Qigong Power” are just few of Liang’s wushu contributions, some of which were translated into French, Russian, Polish, Greek and other languages. His kungfu was also recorded in more than thirty video cassettes. Over the years, Liang had various prizes and honors, some of which being listed as follows: He was entitled “the World’s Best Coach” by an American magazine “Internal Kungfu” in 1995, “World’s Top 100 Kungfu Masters” by the Sixth World Cup for Wushu Tournament in 1997, “the Most Outstanding Wushu Masters Worldwide” by National Kungfu Association of America in 1998 and left his name in “Biography of Contemporary Chinese Kungfu Masters” in the same year. And 1999 saw even more honors granted to Liang. He won the gold medals of both “the World’s Best Wushu Contributions” and “the World’s Outstanding Wushu Achievements”, and had a place in “Biographies of well-known Chinese Kungfu Masters”, “Centurial Message from China’s Talents” and “Chinese Celebrity Ceremony”.

In 2000, Liang, on behalf of the Chinese people in Canada, was received by Jiang Zemin, the then China’s president. Two years later, the most authoritative organization, “National Wushu Association” were unanimous in its national congress in recommending and voting Liang Shouyu as the “Life Honorary President”, and he was granted the highest Duan degree—the Tenth Rank.

With his outstanding achievements in Chinese Wushu and his social contributions, Master Liang Shouyu had his brief biography recorded in the “World’s Who’s Who” jointly compiled by the World’s Culture and Art Research Center, the World Person Press and Chinese Interchange Press.

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