Wushu Hand Push Competition Rules

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2012 Beijing International Wushu Festival

Wushu Hand Push Competition Rules



Competition Committee

Hand Push Special Committee

Chapter I General Rules

Rule 1 Contest Forms

1, Moving-Step Hand Push :
2, Fixed-Step Hand Push:
3, Health Preserving Hand Push:

Rule 2 Contest Nature

1, Individual Contest:
The individual ranking is determined according to the race resut the personal has achieved within the level he or she belongs to.

2, Group contest:
According to the competition rules,groups ranking should be determined according to the sum of the results achieved by the athletes admitted in each unit.

Rule 3 Contest Method

knockout system.

Rule 4 Gender Grouping and Age Provisions
(一)Gender Grouping :
Men's and women's groups.

(二)Provisions of the age :
From 10 years old to 65 years old (including 10 and 65 years of age.)
(三)Age Grouping:
1, Junior Group:
2, Youth Group:
3, Adult Group:
4, Senior Group:

Rule 5 Weight Levels
1)48 kg (48 kg, including 48 kg or less)
2)52 kg (48 kg to 52 kg)
3)56 kg (52 kg to 56 kg)
4) 60 kg (56 kg to 60 kg)
5) 65 kg (60 kg to 65 kg)
6) 70 kg (65 kg to 70 kg)
7) 75 kg (70 kg to 75 kg)
8) 80 kg (75 kg to 80 kg)
9) 85 kg (80 kg to 85 kg)
10) 85+kg(Weighing more than 85 kg)
11) According to the requirement of the Competition Committee, Junior Group should be arranged separately in regarding to their weight categories.
VI.Weight in
a> Registrant Team is responsible for weighing in.Team in pairing and recording and judge coordinate and support to accomplish the weighing in.
b>Athlets weigh their weights at the appointed place before the start of the game(normally within 2 hours to do the weigh in before the start of the game).To weigh weight, light weight category would be the first start. Athlets` arrival reporting and weighing must be completed in one hour.Otherwise, the weighing record is considered as default.
c>According to the application form, the athlete, whose weight is below the level, is still can be in the original game level.If the athlete`s weight is beyong the level, then his/her compition qualification is defaulted.
d>After health inspection and weighing weight,athlets make a draw-lots.In case of special circumstances, such as the level only one person,then he or she will be merged into the adjacent level in the game. General assembly will no longer request advice.So athlets are free to default their competition if they don`t agree to the issue mentioned-above.

VII.Competition Protocol
a> “Admission”:Referees parade, standing in the middle of the field,and face the head judge seat。When the referee is introduced,the person should come forward to step to salute at attention and then return to seat.
Athletes came, and stood in the referee two sides, facing the chief referee seat。When the referee is introduced,the person should come forward to step to salute at attention.Both athlets salute each other.
b>At the end of each set,athlets should salute each other and then left the field at the interval.
c>At the end of each race, Athletes firstly salute to the platform referee, and then salute each other.After that, they can leave the field.
VIII.Clothing and decorations
a>Clothing: Athletes should not wear the clothes with metal, plate,etc.,and such kind of ornaments are harmful and easily fallen off decorations.All athletes must wear soft bottom sports shoes and moccasins.
b>Decorations: No glasses, rings, earrings, watches, bracelet accessories during the competition. Valuables and something hard are not allowed to be taken into their pockets. Hair and finger-nails must be cut moderately.

VIIII. Competition Innings and Time
There are two rounds each match. A minute and a half each round . Forty seconds break between rounds.

X. Signal in competition
a>Five seconds before each round competition ready to start, time-keeper gives signal message that means competition begins by whistling.
b>With calls and gestures, the platform judge ruled the game.
c>The head judge can revise the decision of the platform referee and the referee must implement what the head judge have revised about.

XI.Relavant provisions in the competition.
a>Strictly comply with the order, and seriously to carry on the competition.The personnel must abide by the rules of the game.It is strictly prohibited to deliberately hurt or make trouble without a reasonable cause (offender as the case a verbal warning, disqualified, suspension, etc.).
b>Any that are not conformed to the standard athletes will be disqualified(the ranking, achievement and honor will not be registered)
c>Coaches and team leader or medical staff should sit designated position,.The irrelevant personnel do not enter the competition area. No oxygen between innings at rest , but allowing for massage and guidance for athletes. In the course of a game.Do not shout or give guidence under the stage that will influence referees work.
d>If athletes appear physically uncomfort during the competion, they should tell judge, team doctors,coaches meaning default. During the event, the referee have the right to end game according to the sports physiology reaction.

a>During the game, players are unsuitable to participate in the game because of injury and they must have the doctor's certificate as default.
b>Three times not to roll or after the roll the athletes leave the venue without asking for leave considered as default.
c>In the course of competition, the athlete can raise your hand to require to be considered as default.The coaches can also hold up a sign or throw a towel to ask for default. If athletes self-end the competition , then the action can be consiered as default.

Article II. The referee staffs and their responsibilities

XIII.The composition of the officials
a>The chief referee 1 person, deputy chief referee 1-2 people
b>Judge Team
Head judge one person,time-keeper one person, score recorder one person.
Platform judge one person, side judge one person
c>Staffs in pairing and recording group
Pairing and recording chief one person.Staffs in pairing and recording group 2-3 persons.
d>Registrant group:
Head registrar one person,registrant 2-3 persons.
e>Medical staffs:1-2 persons.
f>Other staffs need to confirm the numbers according to the need.

XIV.Handicapper duties
Under the leadership of the organizing committee, Officials should do their judging work seriously, fairly and accurately. Their responsibilities as follows:
(一), Chief referee
a>,Lead officials to learn competition rules, regulations and explain the referee method.
b>Responsible for the referee group of division of labor.
c>According to the competition rules and rules of the spirit, to solve some problems in competition, but the chief referee do not have the right to modify the competition rules and procedures.
d>In case of any dispute over the game, has the right to transfer the umpire's work. The chief referee have the right to make the final decision when controversial issues appear in work.
(二), Assistant chief referee:
Assist the chief referee`s work. He/she can be on be half of the chief referee to designate the chief referee`s responsibilities.
三、Head judge:
I.Organize the referee group business study and implement the related matters.
II.Check the competition appliance. Examine and sign the results.
III.In the competition, supervise the referees and athletes and to make sure that the performance is implemented well with schedule .
IV.To make the final decision on results.
V.To whistle for correction on misjudgement,omission and over-rule decision which were obviously caused by referee.
VI.At the end of each round , declare the results,and determine the win and defeat.
VII.According to the field situation and recording, processing advantages victory, punishment, counting, disqualified matters.
VIII.At the end of each round, examine and sign the results form.
四,Competition area referee
I.To approach the athletes security checks.If any athletes seem to be inconsistent with rules, then the matter should be timely reported to the head judge.
II.The referees should determine the results by calls and gestures.
III.Declaring the results of the competition
I.According to the judge's ruling, timely and accurately record and show both sides players scoring, penalty, foul issues, etc.
II.A party decisions up to 4 points, timely report to referee to stop the game.
III.After the competition, timely require the athletes to sign the results and submit to the head judge to exam it.
六, Time-keeper
Accurately mastering competition time, and notice the start and end of the competition.
七, Pairing and recording group
a>Exam application form and pair schedule.
b>Responsible for draw-lots for athletes in different weight categories and pair schedule of each-set competition.
c>Arrange the forms needed for competition.
d>Register and publish the competition results. Arrange competition ranking. Collect statistical relevant materials and compile into final score sheet.
八, Registrar Team
a>Responsible for weighing athlete's weight and review. Report the recording results to the head judge and the pairing and recording group.
b>Twenty minutes before the game begins, to call the roll and to inspect athletes clothes and other matters according to the rules.
c>Process pre-match temporary matters. Promptly report to the chief judge and personnel concerned if there are default athletes.
九,Medical staffs
a>Exam the physical examination data of the athletes.
b>Responsible for the competition of the medical supervision and the first aid treatment. Give suggestions or proof to the injury athletes whether they can take part in the competition or not.

Article III. Method and standard for evaluation

XV. Rules of competition
a>"Safety First" principle must be carried out . Don`t hurt the athletes.
b>The skills used in competition must comply with hand-push project characteristics and principle.Implement "with adhesion ", "borrows force and makes force", and "couple hardness with softness" principles.
The action methods including but not limited to Tai chi Hand-Push, but shall not conflict with Hand-Push principles..
The Tai chi Hand-Push standard is the priority when it is hard to define the technical standard.

XVI.Attack position and the competition method
a>Parts prohibited to be attacked: attack parts limited to below the neck,trunk above phalanges and upper limb parts. The head, neck and groin are prohibited to be attacked parts.
b>The first round,
In the first round, right foot in the front lap right hand. In the second round, swap site, left foot in the front lap left hand.
c>With the start of each round, the referee sends a "ready" calls, then both sides stay at the same side with the feet in natural step. The feet former arch should step on the setting circle center and hands should be well lapped. When the referee sends a "start" signal ,it means the competition begins.
d>Moving-Step Hand Push, both sides can move freely in the competion circle.
e>Fixed-Position Hand Push: One foot should be always stayed, within the competition loop (allow step on the line),the other one shouldn`t touch out of the circle but move freely within the competition circle area.
f>Keeping in good health Hand-Push: Do not slip out of the hand. The front trunk is allowed to be attacked only.
g>Offensive and defensive process
(1)Under the condition of having the upper limb movement, foot can set and assist attack or slide on the ground , but the use of simple foot touch attack or foot lift off the ground attack are not allowed.
(2)Judge ccording to the effect is the priority principle.

XVII. Score
一, Win victory and superior victory
a>In a competition, one side cumulative scores reach 10 points more than the counter part, then the superior side will be sentenced to win.
b> In a match, because of foul caused by the counter part and after examing by doctors of the General Assembly, the injured athlete can`t continue his/her competition, thus, in this case,the injured athlete will be juded as victory.
c>In a competition, if one party accumulated punishment up to 4 points, then the counter party win the competition.
d>In a competition, if the athletes who can`t take part in competition on time in one side or are not able to continue the competition, then the counter party will be considered the victory as advantage.
e>In a competition, the counter side will be considered the victory if the athletes or coaches require default.
f>In a competition, a party is accumulated two times counting or to be read 10 seconds (except a foul ),then judge the other party to win.

二, Gain one score
a> The counter party will obtain/win one score if the one party get out-of-bounds.
b> The counter party will win one score if the one party is being advised once.
c>Affect:while location or health Hand Push is implementing, the other side feet flying and being forcely moved more than one meter ( except feet parts moving).

三、Two scores achievements
a>A party fell (except two feet , any part of the body that touched the ground must be considered as ), the standing side will get two points.
b>A party use method to successfully kick the counter party 3 metres to the outside at any direction from the original area, and get two points
c>Being counted once (except being counted because of a foul caused by the counter side), the counter party will get two points
d>The counter party will get 2 points if the one party is being warned.

四, No chievement for points/scores
a>Method is not clear, and the effect is not obvious.
b> Both sides over step the bounds successivefully or simultaneously.
c>Both sides fall down to the ground successivefully or simultaneously.

d>Both sides are hitting each other in a clinch and cross are more than three seconds.(judge to stop and resume the competition.
五, Suspending the competition qualification and punishment
If the personnel and the unit are in one of the following situations, its competition qualification can be disqualified and the result ,the ranking and the honor achieved are to be canceled together. For those serious situations, the people or unit concerned will be suspended not attending competition for more than one year as a punishment.
1、 The athlete status is unmatched.
2、 The actual weight of the athlete is inconformity with the competition categories.
3、 Health condition is substandard.
4、 Costume and accessories carry safe hidden trouble or affect the game and not able to be qualified within the prescribed time (30 seconds).
5、 Use non Hand Push method in thegame and can't correct or cause serious consequences.
6、 Foul seriously or intentionally injure people.
7、 Practising fraud and to be verified.
8、 Serious disturb the referees`s work or disturb the order of the conference.
一、Technical offense
1、Technical offensive cases such as kicking,hooking, butting, extracting,hitting the opponent in a clinch, scratching and holding etc.(slightly attack the body position that are not supposed to gain scores, and those are not in line perfectly with Hand Push technical action.)
2negative, Negative competition or continuously escaping(including:negative hugging ,delaying time intentionally, negative defending and ,negative compromises, escaping from back or running away.
3、Grabbing or embracing winding opposite side`s body with single hand or both hands.
4、Require time-out or suspend competition at the condition of an unfavorate condition or without having reasonable reason.
5、Belt or clothing loosing which will affect racer.
Any technical offense once, giving warning once. Accumulatively reducing points.

二、Offense of violation
1、Attcking the opposite side before the “start”call or after “discontinue”call.
2、Attack the prohibited position, use reverse joints, buttock, hit pressure, trampling and use elbow, knee, boxing, feet, palm, head hit the opposite side.Use making the opposite side`s head part firstly down to the ground action and other harmful action.
3、After falling onto the carpet, the opposite side is still being attcked (including the athletes who are standing and falling onto the carpet)
4、Don't obey the referee or affect racer.
Aggressive violation once, warning once. Accumulatively reducing points

XIX. Competition time-out
a>The referee is handling the disposal of foul or score.
b>Counting: the athletes are seriously injured or temporarily lose the competition state.
c>Falling onto the carpet or both sides are physically attaching together(3seconds)
d>Because of the objective reason, the athletes request time-out by raising their hands.
e>The head judge is correcting wrong judgement(misjudgement,omission, over-rule decision)
f>Dispose the field danger.
g>The competition is affected at the result of the light matter.

XX. Placing assessment.
一、There are two rounds for each set competition. The winner will be the one who has got more scores.
二、When both sides`scores are the same, then placing will be evaluated as follows:
a>The side of lighter weight will be the victory.
b>The side given less warnning will be the victory if both sides have the same weight.
c>The one who has been advised less times is the victory if both sides are in the same conditions in other aspects.
d>The lighter side will be the winner after the once again accurately weighing.
三、Team`s placing
a>According to each unit movement at all levels don't competition ranking score admitted the sum total sure place (former six according to: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 calculation group total score), scores points much place before column.
b>If the scores are the same among the two or more than two groups , then the side who frequently gets the first place will be ranked in the front , and so forth.
c>If the above conditions are homogeneous at the same time, then the earlier time signing up will be given priority in the list.

XXI. Competition field and its function
一、Draw a basic point In Martial arts Hand Push center.Draw a circle with the basic point to central, 25cm for radius,which is called setting circle (named localization circle with its diameter 0.8 meters), which will be used for both sides athletes in locating their position for the ready-start of the competition..
Draw a circle with the basic point to the central and 1.2 meters for radius , which is named as Fixed-Position Hand Push circle for competition (named the outer circle is 2.4 meters in diameter);
Draw a circle with the basic point to central with 3 meters for radius , which is named as Moving-Step Hand Push Circle for competition (named the third ring diameter is 6 meters).
The edge itself is 5cms in width , within the above range.
As picture,




Article IV. The referee`s calls and gestures diagram
XXII.Competition protocal and calls and gestures for penalties
a>salute with fist
Both legs are standing upright with feet together.Left palm is embraced together with right boxing in the front chest. The height of fists should be placed as the same leve as that of chest. The distance between fist and chest is about 20 to 30 centimeters.

b>competition admission
Referees firstly have their presence ,and the platform judge stands in the middle of the field straighting his arms with two palms up pointing to the athletes, and sending out the both sides athletes calls for entrance, with two arms lifting and the center of the palm inby at the same time.

c>Enter the field
Two arms levelly obeying with palms up, while the call of athletes enter the field , with his both hands in the shape of flexion and arms uplift at the same time, and the two palms are in opposite way.(图3)

The platform judge is standing in the middle of both sides of the athletes with two arms straight and palms overhead pointing to the athletes. After the call of Ready is sending out , arms are joined inwardly and he/she sends out start word of command. (figure 4)

The platform judge stretches one of his arm among athletes and also sends out stop word of command, which means the competition is suspended.

f>forcibly move
With one arm, the platform judge points to the athlete who is forcibly moved.While sending out a call of one side was forcibly moved, he lifted the other arm from down to up along side body with the center of the palm upward.

g> One side fall
The platform judge is pointing the firstly down athlete with one arm. With sending out a one party fell call, the platform judge presses down towards front with another palm center down. (figure 7)




h>Firstly falling onto the ground
The platform judge points to the firstly fell side with the palm down.While sending out a call for a one side fell prior ,the platform judge should cross his two arms with his palms down. (figure 8)

i>falling at the same time
The platform judge horizontally stretches his two arms with his two palms down. While sending out a call for falling at the same time , the platform judge should push down his two palms with each of its center down. (figure 9)

j>Getting out of the circle at the same time
The platform judge bends his two arms towards front with the palms forward and fingers tip up. While sending out a call of Getting out of the line at the same time , the platform judge should horizontally push forward his two palms . (figure 10)

k>One side getting out of circle
The platform judge is poingting to the athlete by strectching one of his arm with palm up. While sending out a call of one side is out of line, he bends the other arm and pushes them forward.

l>Three seconds
The platform judge strectches his thumb, forefinger and middle finger of one of his hands while the rest fingers naturally bended with the arm being lifted up. The other hand is waving in the front of his body while the call of Three Seconds is sending out simultaneously.

m>Appointed attack
The platform judge unbends his thumb of his one hand with the rest four fingers making a fist and the boxing heart down.While sending a call of one party attack, he swings his arm towards thumb. If he designated a both sides attack, then both hands` thumbs must swing in opposite way direction.. (figure 13)

Two arms stretched downwards.With the palms toward the rear lower part, two arms repeated swinging left and right.

o>Gestures of Getting Scores
1, One point: With one forefinger straightly strecthing,and the rest four are clenched into a fist.

2,Two points:One forefinger and middle finger straightly strecthing naturally and spacefully, and the rest three fingers are bended and clenched.

The head judge shows foul party.While sending out a one party advice call,the head judge straightly stretched the other five fingers together with elbow flexion uplift and the center of the palm backward. (FIG. 16)

The head judge shows foul party with one hand. While sending out an one party warning, the head judge made a fist with the other hand with elbow flexion uplift and the palm backward.

r>Cancel the Competition Qualification
"Disqualified" :
The platform judge shows a foul party .While senting out the call of one party disqualified ,he clenched his fists together with his arms acrossing at the front of his chest and the center of the fists inclined down. (figure 18)



s>Emergency Treatment
The head judge turns towards the medical bench of the conference with two hands into palms and two forearms crossed in the front of the chest. (figure 19)



With two hands ` palms overhead ,the head judge pointed to both sides players rest place and constructed athletes off to rest. (figure 20)

u>Both sides salute
With his arms bend and left palm covering on the back of his right fist,the platform judge sended out a call of both sides salue and gave a signal of salute to each other between athletes. (FIG. 21)


v>The order of rounds
With one hand forefinger pricking up and the rest fingers bended into a fist shape, the platform referee raised the straight arm forward for , and he faces the head judge`s seat with his knees stepping in the shape of arch,and at the same time his mouth sends out a call of first inning ready. The second round, the third round and the like. (FIG. 22)



Being attacked ,the athlete appeared serious physiological reaction or discomfort. After the platform judge timely yells the word of command stop, then immediately both side players will be apart and look straightly into the athlete attacked ,and began to count by using his thumb .The athlete ,who was attacked, can raise his hand and shows his presence for recovery in the round within 8 seconds, otherwise ,with 10 seconds continuely counting, the competition will be declared end after the advice from the head judge. (FIG. 23)

x>No voice
The platform referee uses one of his arms and points to the sound making party with Hukou( the radian space between thumb and forefinger )opened and the center of the palm forwards outside whereas while the no voice call is sending out, the Hukou (the radian space between thumb and forefinger) should be folded. (FIG. 24)

y>Change of Position
The platform referee uses both of his palms pointing to the left side and right side athlete inspectively. While sending out change of position call, he swings his two palms downwards and crossed them in the front of his upper body..

z>Win Victory
Referee and both sides athletes stand upright with feet together and face to the head judge. Hearing the result announcement by the referee , While the chief referee sended out one party wins call, he lifted the arm of the winner athlete overhead. (FIG. 26)

Martial arts Hand Push Competition Arbitration Commission Regulations
Article I.
The Arbitration Committee is the arbitration agency of the competition and it consists of 3-5 members setting a director and a deputy director.The Arbitration Committee handle daily work under the leadership of the organizing committee. Its mission is to review and solve disputes occurred in executing the contest regulations and the rules of competition during the competition, and to ensure the smooth implementation of the work of competition.
Article II .
For athletes intentional foul, if the circumstances are serious, the Arbitration Committee have the right to suggest the organizing committee to give the player penalty that he/she shall not participate in the competition for some time to come. May suggest the organizing committee to cancel the result and honor of the player that he/she has won in the competition.
Article III.
Only contentious problems concerned the judgements and penalties upon the athletes can be accepted (mainly refers to that whether the counter party is foul or not). But it must be submitted within 15 minutes after the match.The team leader or the coach shall appeal in writing to the Arbitration Committee and must pay the procedures fee prescribed according to the regulations.Otherwise, the case will not be granted to be dealt with.
Article IV.
The Arbitration Commission carries on the investigation to verify the case in accordance with written appeal. Affirm the original judgement if the umpire's decision is confirmed that the judgement is correct. The appealling team must obey. If the appeal is correct,then it is entitled to make a judgment again, and return the procedure fee. The number to participate in the arbitration commission review must be more than half of its total numbers. After review, the decision they made will be considered as final judgment and it will be reported to the organizing committee for the record.
Article V.
If arbitration commission is ruling inequality, the organizing committee will report those disqualified and misfit arbitration committee members to the department in charge according to specific circumstances and withdraw its arbitration committee qualifications or stop them to take part in the next period of arbitration work.
Article VI.
An arbitration committee performs its task during the competition, and the Arbitration Committee duty will be irrevocable after the game end spontaneously.

I. Above part contents were studied out according to the Tai chi Hand Push competition rules authorized by the National Sports Committee in 1994.
II. The rules,not detailed and less than perfect matters,shall be handled with reference to these competition principles and the detailed criteria of judgement rules.
III. The right of explanation in regarding to the rules belongs to Martial Arts Tournament Organizing Committee.

Beijing International Martial Arts Festival Organizing Committee

May 15th , 2012

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