Competitional rules of 2012 Beijing International


Competition Events
(A) Chinese boxing:(1) Primary Taolu 1 (2) Primary Taolu 3 (3) Specified Taolu 1 (4) Specified Taolu 2 (5) Youth special boxing (6) optional boxing (7) Special boxing (8) Optional nanquan
(1)Primary Changquan (2) Specified boxing (3) Optional boxing (4) Nanquan (5) Taijiquan (6)first kind of Chinese boxing: xingyiquan, bagua and baji) (7) second kind of Chinese boxing: Tongbeiquan, Piguaquan and Fanzi Boxing) (third kind of Chinese boxing: Ditangquan and Xiangxingquan) (9) forth kind of Chinese boxing: Chaquan, Huaquan, Hua Boxing and Paoquan) (10) Shaolin Boxing (Red Boxing and Shaolinquan) (11) other kinds of boxing
(B)Taiji Boxing: Specified Taolu: (1) Chen Style Taiji Boxing (2) Yang Style Taiji Boxing (3) Wu Style Taiji Boxing (4) U Style Taiji Boxing (5) Sun Style Taiji Boxing (6) 24-Form Taiji Boxing (7) 42-Form Taiji Boxing
(C) Traditional Taiji Taolu: (1) Chen Style Taiji Boxing (2) Yang Style Taiji Boxing (3) Wu Style

Taiji Boxing (4) U Style Taiji Boxing (5) Sun Style Taiji Boxing (6) Other styles of Taiji Boxing
(D) Traditional Boxing: (1) Xingyiquan (2) Baguazhang (3) Bajiquan (4) Tongbiquan (5) Piguaquan (6) Fanziquan (7) Xiangxingquan (8)Ditangquan (9) Chaquan (10) Huaquan (11) Huaquan (12) Paoquan (13) Hongquan (14) Shaolin Boxing (15) Other types of traditional boxing
(E) Weapons
(1)Primary Broadswords (2) Primary Spears (3) Primary Cudgels (4) Primary swords (5) Specified Broadswords (6) Specified Spears (7) Specified Cudgels (8) Specified swords (9) Optional Broadswords (10) Optional Spears (11) Optional Cudgels (12) Optional swords (13) Nan weapons (14) Traditional weapons (15)Weapons of Taiji (16) Other weapons
(G)Other weapons which are scientific and favorable for keeping health such as health Qigong besides competitive sports
(H)Team Sports (at least 8 persons with necessary competition music)
(I)Ranks of Sanda and Push Hands:
(1)Men’s: 45kg 、48kg、52kg、56kg、60kg、65kg、70kg、75kg、80 kg、+ 80kg
(2)Women’s:45kg、48kg 、52kg 、56kg、60kg、65kg、+65kg
(3) The front three players will be awarded in Push Hands.
(G)Ranks of Taekwondo
(1)Women’s: -27kg 27kg 30kg 36kg 40kg 44kg 48kg 52kg 56kg 58kg 62kg 66kg +66kg
(2)Men’s: -30kg 30kg 34kg 38kg 42kg 46kg 52kg 56kg 60kg 64kg 68kg 72kg 76kg 80kg +80kg
(3)Personal Pinshi: Children group, young teenagers group, youngsters group, teenagers group, adult group (yellow belt, green belt, blue belt, red belt, black belt)
Note: Any athlete who enters for personal Pinshi competition is required to hand in copy of certificate when signing up the competition.
9. Entry ways and entry requirements
(1) The unit team can be linked to the name of enterprises and must have team leader, coach, doctor one each.
(2) The number of teams participating is unlimited. The team of more than 16 members can apply for a judge.
(3) Athletes can report either the routine competition or Sanda Competition.
(4) Group Ranking is according to the results calculated by adding the scores taken from participated athletes of each team.
10. Competition Measures
(1) The team competition is divided into single individual competition and team competition.
(2) Routine competition is in accordance with "Competitive Rules in 1996"audited by the National Sports Commission.
(3) Sanda competition will introduce the "Martial Arts Competition Rules" which is the latest validation of the National Sports Commission.
(4) Taekwondo will be in accordance with the "Taekwondo competition rules audited by Taekwondo Association.
(5) Push hands will be in accordance with the "Wushu Push Hands competition rules audited by Organizing Committee.
(6) The single-game knockout system is for the Taekwondo, Sanda and Push hands competition.
11. Admission and Awards Ranking
(1) The top three group of Routine, Sanda, Push Hands and taekwondo are offered with prizes (respectively: 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan), trophies, certificates, etc.
(2) Routine items are groups of male and female from each of the top six and top four from the one with less than eight people.
(3) Wushu Contribution Award: The top three according to the numbers of participating players (respectively: 5,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan)
(4)Sportsmanship Award, Tenaciously Award, Best Team Award and Best Coach Award have been set up.
(5)The Conference will give Child Star Award to the youngest player and give Award to the oldest player. Besides, they will be provided with certificates and 2,000 yuan.
(6) Individual top six points of all items are as follows: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and included in group total scores.

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