IKFF Constitution


Chapter I. Name and Objectives
Article I. Name

The name of the federation is named as International Kung Fu Federation(IKFF). It was registered in Hong Kong, with the headquarter in Beijing(Where the Chairman and the Secretary-General are stationed).

Article II. Objectives

The objectives of IKFF are:
1.1 To promote and encourage the development of such sports as Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Jiji, Taichi and Qigong in any possible way, so that Kung Fu culture can be promoted worldwide and the social image, influence, awareness and value of Kung Fu improved . 

 1.2 To organize International Kung Fu championships and other relevant events,and facilitate and encourage the development of International Kungfu Culture communication.
 1.3 To promote cooperation, friendly relations and mutual understanding among its Members and Associations.
1.4 To improve people`s health conditions and recognition as well as inheritance for traditional Kungfu worldwide by participating Kungfu Competitions
1.5No opposing and against with any kungfu organization; No deeds which is not contribute to the unity; Understanding, accepting, mutual-studying, mutual-consulting, developing harmoniously and progressing together in the basis of respect, tolerance & learning from each other as long as benifiting chinese kungfu development & strenthening any kungfu schools, organizations, individuals & groups.

Article III. Language

The official languages of IKFF are Chinese and English. Any other languages can be acceptable at meetings provided that the translations are appropriate.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article IV  Membership Eligibility
1.1 International Kung Fu Federation should open to all the Kung Fu associations of countries and regions and the Kung Fu Federations of the continents. 
1.2 Kungfu and Kung Fu organizations from any country or region have the right to apply to become a member of the IKFF. 
1.3 Constitution Confliction between the member associations and IKFF shall not be accepted.  
1.4 Any IKFF member must admit that IKFF is the sole non-governmental international organization that manage Kungfu sports activities.         
1.5 IKFF make a regular check on its members. All the members of Associations of IKFF should continue to make efforts to expand and develop its organization.
Article V. Rights and Duties 
1.1 Join the international Kung Fu championships and other relevant events arranged by IKFF.
1.2 Use the service of IKFF and actively organize competitions of all kinds.
1.3 Be free to withdraw its membership from IKFF.

1.1 Respect the Charter of International Olympic Committee( IOC ) and carry forward the noble Olympic spirit. 
1.2 Abide by IKFF Constitution and Rules and Sport IKFF and be committed oneself to implementing IKFF goals and objectives.
1.3 Operate and follow the decisions made by its Presidium and Pay annual Member funds on time.

Article VI. Procedures for Member Admission   
The following documents needs to be presented:      
1.1 Application form 
1.2 Present kungfu activities report within two years and Unit Association Member must also submit the business license copy.
1.3 ID copy and the main leaders of Unit Association Members must also present legal representative certificate copy.
1.4 Two pieces one inch photos.
1.5 Membership Application shall be agreed by the Presidium and then be submitted to the representative conference for approval.
1.6 Organizations who have applied for membership can send observers to attend the conference. As congress approves its application, then the organization is to be entitled to enjoy its rights and undertake its obligations accordingly.

Article VII. Membership Termination
a> One member`s  status will be invalid according to the following conditions:
1.1 Member Association is not existing anymore.
1.2 Member Association withdraw its membership. 
1.3 Member Association is dismissed.
b> Voluntary withdraw, and any member association shall write notice to the secretary-general , its membership end immediately, but the membership fee is not refundable.
c> Presidium has the right to dismiss the Member Association who seriously misconducts IKFF Constitution or Rules. Under such circumstances, the next session conference will make the final decision.
Article VIII. Membership Funds    
1. individual member annual member funds us$50 whereas unit association is us$300 in order to benefit its rights from IKFF.       
2. Member Association must pay annual membership funds before March 31st to IKFF secretariat. The presidium can decide to suspend the membership of those who don`t perform its payment on time. No voting rights,the right to vote and be elected in congress. In addition, you cannot attend World Kungfu Championship and other activities organized by IKFF until settle the accounts.

Chapter III World Kungfu Championship
Article IX  World Kung-fu Championship and Activities organized by IKFF
1. World Kung-fu Championship (skill in Kungfu, Kungfu Jiji, Tuishou and Taichi) would be organized once a year.
2. The current competition rules approved by IKFF Congress will be used in judging competition.  
3. Member Association Organizer of Tournament and Activities must follow IKFF Institution, Regulations, Olympic Charter Spirit as well as IOC Resolution. 
4.Association Members, who wants to undertake/organize World Kungfu Championship, shall submit all the documents and perform its obligations according to the standards set by IKFF. 
5.Flag raising and song playing of trophy granting ceremony shall be done according to IOC`s decision.
6. IKFF has the right of advertising and television broadcast for WKC and Activities.

Chapter IV Institutional Framework

Article X  Institutional Framework
Leadership and Management of IKFF as follows:
Technical Committee
1.1 Congress is the sovereign body of IKFF and can make the final decision for the issues of IKFF concerned. 
1.2 Congress shall be held every two years and will normally be held during the tournament. Secretary-General shall inform each member association of the meeting date six months ahead. 
1.3 Each member association can send two delegates to attend the congress and each association has one voting rights. 
1.4 The proposal submitted by Member Association must be posted to IKFF secretariat three months ahead of the congress.
1.5 Congress shall be presided over by chairman. If the Chairman is unable to attend for some reason, he will appointed the vice president to take the chair.
1.6 Congress quorum is supposed to be half of the total member association plus one. Resolution shall be made by the majority representatives attending the congress. Important decision such as the modification of the articles of IKFF constitute shall be made by a two -thirds majority.
1.7 The president made the final decision if the votes with the same numbers.
1.8 Documents prepared by the secretariat. Congress agenda and contents are as follows: 
1.8.1 Keep track of one`s attendance; 
1.8.2 Get through the previous congress summary; 
1.8.3 The secretary-general is on behalf of the presidium, to make the work report; 
1.8.4 Treasure secretary make the financial report; 
1.8.5 Membership enrollment, withdrawing and dismissing; 
1.8.6 Amend the Constitution and Competition rules; 
1.8.7 Make election for the leading organ;
2. Presidium;
2.2 The presidium is composed of at least not less than 11people, one president, six vice president, one secretary, one executive secretary and several deputy secretary-generals. One member has a vote right.
2.2 The presidium is coming into being through congress election and the term of office is four years and it can be re-elected and consecutively. The power of transfer is conducted at the time of the end of the tournament once the election done.            
2.3 The presidium is the actuator of IKFF. It has the right to handle matters according to its articles.
2.4 The presidium shall have the right to approve the establishment of its subcommittee and appoint its members, and get approval through the next congress.
2.5 The resumes & letters of recommendation of the candidate of the presidium need to be sent to the secretary three months ahead of the election.
2.6 The presidium meeting held once a year. It is valid once the number of attendance is more than half. The resolution shall not come into force until the majorities approves it.  
2.7 The secretariat is the executive contact agency of IKFF. The director of the secretariat is appointed by the president and he or she can hold the additional position of cashier and is responsible of collecting membership fees, clear up the meeting minutes and manage the records and archives of IKFF.            
3. Honorable Duties
IKFF will award the honorary position title to those who has made outstanding contributions to promote kungfu or provided distinguished service. The presidium will work out a plan for those qualified individuals. 
4.Technical Committee
IKFF has a number of special technical committee as follows: 
The traditional kungfu, Kungfu Jiji, Taichi, Tuishou, Shaolin, Wudang as well as E`mei etc.. Those special committee who has massive number of practitioners with wide popularity of grass root can apply for setting up such as Taichi Special Technical Committee. Any sort of fists or factions can apply for and get approval by the presidium once it meets the requirements of the special committee and paid the membership fees.
4.1 Special Technical Committee is responsible for formulating, supervising and implementing the rules of competition and scoring as well as reviewing the qualification of referees who attending other activities of World Kungfu Championship and International Kung Fu Federation.

4.2 The conference of Special Technical Committee can only be effective when half members present. Resolution that passed by the majority can take effect. When the vote numbers are equal, the vote of President shall prevail.

5.Special Committee of Traditional Culture
Fu Biao, the President of International Kung Fu Federation(IKFF), pointed out that every sector has something with Kung Fu. Any person or enterprises who commit to study and spread traditional culture can apply to headquarter of International Kung Fu Federation for setting branches or special committee of a certain program.

Article XI   Working Institutions

1. 1.Under the framework of presidium, there are office, secretariat, marketing department, liaison department and planning department. According to working demand, new department can be set to cooperate with others.

2. 2.Office is responsible for daily works and international affairs.

3. 3.Marketing Department is responsible for profitable works such as attracting investment and market development.

4. 4.The members of Office and Marketing Department cannot less than 6.

 Amendment and Explanation

1. 1. Any amendment need to be agreed by two third of the representative assembly. The right of amendment for this regulation belongs to the Presidium. The Presidium has the right to deal with things that are not included in the regulation, and then report it to the Representative Assembly.

2. 2. This Regulation is written in Chinese and English, which have equal effect. In case of any discrepancies among the different versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. 


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